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Hospital bag

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S2b16 Thu 04-Jun-15 11:24:05

Just done my hospital bag would appreciate it if you notice I've missed anything off....
2 nighties (1 to give birth in)
Dark pjs
Dark dressing gown
Hair clip/hair band/bobbles
5 massive black knickers
2 nursing bras
Dark towel
Snacks and drinks
Breast pads
Maternity pads
Slippers and bed socks

Will pack phone, charger, coming home outfit nearer the time or come home in pjs (we live 5 min walk from hosp so dp can get more underwear etc if needed)
3 vests
3 sleep suits
1 cardigan
2 blankets
Scratch mitts
2 hats
Muslin squares & bibs
20 nappies
Cotton wool and pkt wipes

Dp will bring car seat when needed. Along with any extra clothes if baby gets through 3.

weelamb123 Thu 04-Jun-15 12:01:52

Yes, all sounds about right and what ive packed. Only thing I would say is u might not need the pjs. Nightdress is much better. Xx

berrypicking Thu 04-Jun-15 12:26:40

Looks like you have pretty much everything. If you intend to breastfeed though you may want to bring some lansinoh Nipple cream to protect them from cracking, just in case you have to stay in hospital for a bit longer?

S2b16 Thu 04-Jun-15 16:33:28

Thank you both, thanks berry I've added it to my list. Hoping to breastfeed smile xx

ClariceBeanthatsme Thu 04-Jun-15 18:01:33

Check your sleepsuits some have cuffs that roll over to act as scratch mittens also if your planning to breast feed i don't see any need for bibs in hospital.

ClariceBeanthatsme Thu 04-Jun-15 18:08:33

Oh and maybe some bits and bobs for DP like a spare t-shirt and deodorant. My DP got a bit sweaty during my previous labours!
Lip balm... gas and air might dry your lips out.
Change for the car park.

S2b16 Thu 04-Jun-15 18:52:04

Yeah all my sleep suits roll over as scratch mitts so prob another useless thing to take. I didn't take bibs with my other dd but she was sick a lot of phlegm/mucus.
Great idea for dp thank you smile

hazelnutlatte Thu 04-Jun-15 18:55:25

If the sleep suits have feet then you won't need socks for the baby. Also you are unlikely to need cardigan / hat for baby as the hospital will be very warm, especially at this time of year.
Also I wouldn't bother with a towel - use the hospital ones, then you won't have to wash a blood stained towel when you get home!

MummyPiggy87 Thu 04-Jun-15 19:20:37

If your going onto the ward I would take a sleep/eye mask for when the lights are on and you want some kip, not essential but

S2b16 Thu 04-Jun-15 19:28:22

Thank you smile our hospital have said to take your own towel, which has changed since I had last dc.
I'll add eye mask into my list and take socks out although I'll keep the cardigan as that's to bring him home, if not needed it can stay in bag. Thanks again smile

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