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'Unstable lie'

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wowiesis111 Wed 03-Jun-15 17:09:47

Been told at almost 37 weeks baby is not head down and is In fact in an unstable lie position. Basically still moving around freely.
Anyone had this and baby actually engaged in time?
I'm getting closer to my due date and praying baby moves to being head down but just not feeling likely as he's is so wriggly. Even the midwives couldn't believe how much he was moving about. I'm only slight too so they can't understand how he has so much room. ( although I did have a tiny baby last time)

I'm really getting worried about a possible section and / or the thought of going into labour when he's in this position. First labour was only 3 hours and all a bit of an emergency so I'm starting to panic that it may all be a little manic.


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