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tooth pain

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fawkes182 Wed 03-Jun-15 00:26:06

Hello I had my first scan on the 1st of June and was told I was 13 weeks :-D so far I've suffered 3 weeks of morning sickness but thankfully that's passed and terrible headaches/migraines. Sunday I noticed one of my front teeth on the upper left side would throb from time to time but like a sensitive tooth pain not a tooth ache? Cold things made it worse of course.. then when I went to bed it would start to throb and get worse n worse n worse then peak and dissappear exactly like cramp but in my tooth?? Didn't it a handful of times them stopped? Monday on n off through the day I'd get the sensitive tooth pain but it would change tooth.. All on the left side and some upper some bottom but in the same area near the front??? No problems. When I went to bed. Today Tuesday I started to get a dull ache on my cheek... then my jaw bone but on the left side again but it kept coming and going and changing where the ache was??? Again the sensitive too the pain came n went.. I spoke to my mum who thinks for it to have come out of the blue like this she thinks it's my body taking calcium away from me see in as I don't have enough for the baby. I also must admit I've been eating alot of cheese since I found out. . It was the only thing I wanted that didn't make em feel sick n altho I don't think about it n crave it i'm drawn to it. I've got some calcium tablets which I started taking to see if that helps and some yogs cos I know too much cheese isn't good for you. Just before bed i suddenly got a migraine too but only on the left side. But yeah basically I don't know whether to wait it out or see a dentist? By the way I'm terrified of dentist and tend to have panic attacks when there so it won't be good for the baby but I don't want it to get worse. The pain is not too bad.. well its easy to ignore? I've had an infected tooth before and that was agony and this is nothing like that at all. I don't wanna go if I can help it cos I'm scared plus I don't want them to 'find' things like they normally do and make more problems as I've had this happen alot in the past!! Sorry for the long winded message!!! Xxx

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