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Vulval Variscosities

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OMGBabyNo3 Tue 02-Jun-15 21:06:57

If you have never heard of the above do yourselves a favour, don't read on and remain in blissful ignorance.

I am on pregnancy no 3. 3 days before baby 2 was born I went rushing off to hospital in a mad panic after I had wiped after going to the loo and felt large lump. Turned out to be a varicose vein in my vulva (to join the piles round the back!!). Anyhow gave birth 3 days later and the disappeared.

Fast forward 6 yrs to a somewhat unexpected pregnancy no 3 and I suspect I already have several of them at 22 weeks. I have just got back from holiday where I did a lot of walking and some days it was v uncomfortable by end of day causing me to almost limp blush!!

Is this really possible already?!?! Has anyone else experienced it? I am terrified as to how bad they could get in next 18 weeks! How can I make them better? Know I need to book a docs app tomorrow but thought I'd ask you for some advice first!

upthewolves Wed 03-Jun-15 03:49:17

OP, you have my sympathies flowers.

This is my first pregnancy and I encountered this at about 22/23 weeks, had no idea what it was at the time but it was so painful and I couldn't stand up for any time at all or walk around for long without pain. GP did an internal exam and told me that I was developing them and like you I was really worried about how bad they would get.

The good news is I'm 31 weeks now and they are no worse, in fact they are better! No idea why this is but wonder if its because the baby is in a different position so not causing the same pressure? I wonder if they will worsen again when baby drops into position?! As a clueless first-timer it's hard to say!

Just a question - did they cause difficulties in labour?

I'm relieved they disappear after the baby is born smile

OMGBabyNo3 Wed 03-Jun-15 07:29:10

Oooh thank you Wolves. That does sound positive. An improvement sounded too much to hope for.

No they caused me no problem in labour thankfully.

I did a LOT of research last night and it appears they can be pretty horrific and not have an effect on labour so that's good news. Apparently you can also buy a support of necessary! Who knew?! Oh the glamour!!

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