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Strangest cravings?

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bippityboppitypoo Tue 02-Jun-15 19:30:03

This is my fourth pregnancy, fourth daughter.

I am craving pine disinfectant?! Last pregnancies had more sane cravings , melon, milk & ice.

sarkymare Tue 02-Jun-15 19:34:54

Sounds like PICA (picca?)

Basically weird cravings indicate you may be lacking in a particular nutrient/mineral and it's your body's way of telling you. Usually it's iron but can be other things.

I would mention it to your MW and see if you can have any tests to see if you are lacking in anything.

Frolicacid Tue 02-Jun-15 19:41:21

I'm majorly craving bath sponge! Told my midwife about it today and she didn't seem worried - just advised me not to swallow.

One of my friends craved fire lighters! Eww!

cherrytree63 Tue 02-Jun-15 19:45:42

I craved the smell of old fashioned Vim, I ruined our bath scouring it twice a day.
I also licked bricks blush.

BakingBunty Tue 02-Jun-15 19:54:30

DS - citrus
DD - custard blush

LuisSuarezTeeth Tue 02-Jun-15 20:02:22

Washing powder (smell)
White spirit (smell)
Vinegar by the teaspoon
Grapefruit up to 4 a day

pearly1980 Tue 02-Jun-15 20:19:22

This is my 2nd pregnancy and craving pine nuts, sour sweets and milk.

Last pregnancy it was lemon and coleslaw/sour cream type flavours

RockerMummy184 Tue 02-Jun-15 20:30:03

Frolic I was the same with sponges when I had ds. I also used to leave damp flannels in the bathroom to go foisty and then lay in the bath for hours sniffing them! blush
I'm loving vinegar this time round. I'm having balsamic on everything. Tonight I had a packet of ham and a baguette dipped in balsamic reduction for dinner!

sarkymare Tue 02-Jun-15 20:30:46

I just realised i forgot to add that I craved the smell of chlorine in my last pregnancy. I would walk to the swimming baths just for a whiff most days.

I also had a thing about touching/stroking cold or soft objects. It it was soft I wanted to stroke it, if it was cold I wanted to rub it on my face [embarrassed] but perhaps that was just me being weird and was completely unrelated to pregnancy grin

SycamoreMum Tue 02-Jun-15 20:35:36

Clean tasting ice. And even after I still eat it. I kept one drawer in my freezer food free and just filled with crushed ice that I'd sit in front of with a ladle scraping ice out grin

bippityboppitypoo Tue 02-Jun-15 20:53:31

I'm still loving ice and milk as with my other pregnancies but I have to wash the glass I'm using loads before I can bear to use it because of the smell (of glass), I'm pretty sure if I wasn't pregnant there would be no smell confused

Number3cometome Wed 03-Jun-15 12:39:45

Every day on the train we go past these hills of sand, cement and mud.

I crave eating those.

I have a real ice addiction, and have low iron which explains it!

I also could eat a stick of chalk.

Bellejessleo Wed 03-Jun-15 13:03:37

This is my 3rd pregnancy and I've never experienced anything like what I'm craving before! Petrol, chlorine, dettol, fabric conditioner, basically anything with a strong chemical smell. I'm 37 weeks and it's really kicked in the past few weeks. The smells are just so satisfying to me, I can't explain it. Haven't craved any actual food stuffs though! I haven't yet eaten anything strange, just had the odd whiff. We've just painted our hallway and I enjoyed cleaning the brushes with white spirit far too much! Maybe it does mean I'm lacking a nutrient.

Number3cometome Wed 03-Jun-15 13:08:29

Oh yes! Washing machine powder - I usually use liquid but the powder just looks and smells so nice!

excitedforbaba Wed 03-Jun-15 13:16:47

Yes Frolic & Rocker to the bath sponge craving. Never swallowed them but just breaking off little pieces and holding it in my mouth was heaven! Also loved the noise from tearing the sponge apart!

Also craved the smell of dove soap and flash lemon. Cleanest kitchen iv ever had hmm

excitedforbaba Wed 03-Jun-15 13:18:51

Also the ice chips! I could only ever fit a small amount of juice in the glass it was packed with so much ice!

Luckystar82 Wed 03-Jun-15 13:20:46

Water, water, water!

Non-pregnant me would always put a drop of squash in because I found plain water difficult to drink in large quantities.

Now I can't get enough of the H2O stuff. I drink gallons of it daily and don't like sugary drinks!

Allstoppedup Wed 03-Jun-15 13:22:18

I ate a tonne of paper with my first blush

I also loved the smell of bleach and was wiping EVERYTHING down with it weeks before the birth. I went through bottles off the stuff!

Luckystar82 Wed 03-Jun-15 13:22:56

Also love the smell of matches! hmmmm

bobthebuddha Wed 03-Jun-15 13:23:32

Number3 a girl I used to work with would go through at least one packet of chalk a day whilst pregnant!
Mine was aniseed; hasn't really gone away tbh..

FernGullysWoollyPully Wed 03-Jun-15 13:31:11

It was ice with my first.

And yes Frolic, Rocker and Excited I'm another for the sponge club! I've had the same with my last 3 (all girls) but not with DS. Am pregnant with another dd but can't say the feelings taken me this time!

I loved biting those round baby sponges, not ingesting any or ripping bits off just biting a slightly damp one! I feel so much shame whenever I tell people and get hmm or confused

My friend had the urge to suck pennies!

RockerMummy184 Wed 03-Jun-15 14:01:32

Very reassuring Fern and Excited to hear that I'm not alone in the strange sponge thing! I've also had the confused and hmm looks from people that I've told. I don't tell people any more!

My grandma told me that when she was pregnant with all 4 of her sons she craved dust. She would stand in the porch, shut the doors and windows and shake the doormat so the room filled with dust! grin

passmethewineplease Wed 03-Jun-15 19:46:53

Another sponge lover here.

I used to have a round squishy one with holes that I used to fantasize about putting in my mouth. I use to bite it as well. confusedblush

Notonyournelly478 Wed 03-Jun-15 20:32:50

I used to have two or three baths a day to be with my SPONGES i had car washing ones and everything, used to bite on them and squeeze them. Had about 9! Then i started loving washing up with loads of soap on the sponge squidging and squidging it! Weird

TheBreastmilksOnMe Wed 03-Jun-15 21:32:39

I craved snow. Freshly fallen, and luckily two of my three pregnancies were over winter, and even more fortunate was the fact it snowed both times! So out I went in the dead of night to scoop up some soft snow off the wall (checked it for footprints, dirt and yellowing) filled up my bowl and went back inside to drizzle some maple syrup over it. Sat down to eat it. Nirvana.

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