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Struggling with exhaustion

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Hodds89 Tue 02-Jun-15 19:14:21

Hi ladies, I'm 22 nearly 23 weeks with twin pregnancy! I work 5 days a week part time and have a 2an half ds! I am painfully exhausted!!!! I have been moved again in my job to a "more suited role for pregnancy" this still means I have to be standing and walking around the wear house for 4 hours!! And only aloud water from the machine, which ATM is broken so off limits!!! I can feel myself snapping at my ds and dh!!! confused And all i have let the house chores get on top of me! I'm not sure what to do! I've been to the doctors who wasn't much help and gave me a leaflet on anxiety blush! Has anyone else felt like this? And how do I overcome this??? I feel like I should be enjoying my son and this pregnancy but ATM all I want to do is sleep or lay on a sofa!!!

craftynanny Tue 02-Jun-15 21:48:51

Oh my god you poor thing! first thing I would say is the water thing- you must be able to carry a bottle of water with you, can you? it's a necessity! Can you talk to dh about giving you a bit of a hand at home with the chores and looking after ds? If the chores build up-just let them! just look after yourself and your twins! congratulationssmile xx

Hodds89 Tue 02-Jun-15 23:51:09

Thanks for reply! No can't carry water as it's a pharmaceutical wear house and against rules! sad Dh works nights so he doesn't get the time! I think everything is just getting to me and pregnancy hormones are a nightmare lol! I just don't want my stress to get me to the point of affecting my ds or the unborns!! envyenvyenvy !

BlueBee Wed 03-Jun-15 05:40:54

Do they do work related pregnancy assessments at your place of work? I'd ask, they need to do a risk assessment. You need water!

Nottalotta Wed 03-Jun-15 05:45:37

I could not cope without constant access to water and food. In your case would need a 5 min break every hour to eat and drink and even the might still feel crap. This in itself needs addressing.

Don't worry about the chores. Although, i would say that if DH works nights he does still have time to chip in. Set aside even just half hour twice a week, its amazing what you can get done.

Hodds89 Wed 03-Jun-15 10:26:45

I had a risk assessment done at beginning of pregnancy and they moved me from the department I was in due to heavy lifting! I was put into a small office were I could drink whenever I wanted and could sneak in snacks wink but for some reason they have now moved me to this new job role shock! I I could afford not to work I would defiantly be thinking about packing it in as I don't qualify for maturity pay from them and my 6month probation finishes beginning of August! Bit of a pickle really blush!!

Hodds89 Wed 03-Jun-15 10:28:16

If I could afford not to work " that was meant to say lol

FeelTheNoise Wed 03-Jun-15 10:35:53

Could you get a cleaner for the remainder of your pg? £20 per week would equate to all the big chores being done, and really only equals the cost of nappies/formula or 2 bottles of wine each week wink

Hodds89 Wed 03-Jun-15 10:44:33

I'd love a cleaner but I don't have the spare money for one! hmm

FeelTheNoise Wed 03-Jun-15 10:49:32

So would I!

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