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Pelvic pain...ouch

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LONC2012 Tue 02-Jun-15 12:08:53

Hi all.
I am 27 weeks with baby number 2!! Have already been the physio with Sciatic pain in my back which has now eased significantly but I have recently started with pain in my vaginas region. Whenever I open my legs to walk the pain is awful. It's a real achey pain making walking uncomfortable. On a night when I get into bed I struggle to get comfortable moving over due to the pain in between my legs. I have tried a pillow between my legs but still struggling. Not sure if I should call my midwife or doctor again as I've already been to physio with my back. Is there much more the can do for me.

Anyone else suffering with this pain? The first time was so much easier than this and trying to care for a 3 year old with this pain is just proving very difficult.

One very fed up mummy xx

CityDweller Tue 02-Jun-15 13:56:22

It's spd/ pelvic distinction. Go back to Physio or find an osteopath who specialises in pregnancy. Acupuncture can be good for pain relief too.

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