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Baby monitor saga ??!!

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Cheshirehello79 Mon 01-Jun-15 16:54:38

So I've just started shopping around for baby stuff and was looking at baby monitors but felt quite confused with all the choices that currently on the market .
Do I buy one with camera?
Do I buy one with sensor mat?
Do I buy one with lullabies and projecting like
What's the best make?
How do I know if the batteries / charge blah blah last ?

Does anyone have any recommendation one that they've purchases or know something about ?

Whatabout Mon 01-Jun-15 16:58:40

You'll get every answer under the sun on here!

We have the tommee tippee video monitor. I still use it now ds is 2 so I can do a quick check to see if he has taken all his clothes off / is still asleep / whether he has fallen asleep yet. I certainly don't have it all the time, just a two second check every now and then.

nannyplumislostinspace Mon 01-Jun-15 16:59:41

I would recommend one with a camera. I initially bought an angel careone with a sensor mat, but actually never used it.

I have a Motorola one, which I am really happy with.

Madratlady Mon 01-Jun-15 17:05:40

We got given a second hand basic sound only one. It's been fine although he was always in the same room as us until he was 4 1/2 months, so we didn't use it umtil then, and then he started going to sleep in his cot a couple of hours before we went up to bed and we found the basic monitor fine.

Christelle2207 Mon 01-Jun-15 17:22:13

I have a motorola video one which I recommend highly.
We also have an anglecare movement sensor one which is worth it for peace of mind for when they go into their own room until they roll off the mat (and set it it off!). The anglecare one also has an audio monitor- I believe you can also get video versions. However the anglecare ones are much more faffy and fiddly to use.

worriedmum100 Mon 01-Jun-15 17:25:38

We just had a digital BT one with a good range so I could carry it around with me while DS was napping. It was fine. I thought a video or sensor mat one would make me even more anxious so decided not to go with those but each to their own!

Optimism Mon 01-Jun-15 17:38:28

Love having one with a camera on it. We've got a Motorola too which has been good. When DS was tiny we were glued to it the whole time just because we loved watching him but it became even more useful when he was a little bit older. There were times when he was crying but we were able to see that he was trying to settle himself. On these occasions he was able to get himself back to sleep whereas if I hadn't been able to see him I'd have gone in, disturbed him more, and it would have taken a lot longer to get him back to sleep. On the other hand, we were also able to see when he really needed us and there was no point waiting to see if he'd settle.

Still use it now he's two just to have a peek at him when I wake up in the night - and see if he needs the duvet pulling back up over him!

FlabbyFlabbyBits Mon 01-Jun-15 17:39:17

Highly recommend one of these. We use it with our iPhones. Now DC older we use it to just talk between floors. You can link it to computers/iPads. Works off home wifi. It's been very reliable. It is about £240 though. You can even watch your baby asleep if you have to travel abroad (think you get 15 minutes free a month if not using your own free home wifi). Was great when DH travelling and could speak to and see DC before bed!

puddleduck27 Mon 01-Jun-15 21:30:57

we have Motorola camera one. about £100. It's great. think it let me be anxious mummy without disturbing dd grin still use it now she's 2. I recommend it to everyone grin

cadidog Mon 01-Jun-15 21:33:07

My house is tiny so I never bothered with one. You don't have to have one.

Passmethecrisps Mon 01-Jun-15 21:36:36

There is no right answer but you will find one which suits your style as there as so many.

We were given an eight year old bt monitor which you can talk through and control lights and music. For us this is perfect and we still use it for 2.5 Dd who calls it her telephone.

I suspect I would have become obsessive about a video monitor and would have got upset f she was awake albeit quiet.

The thing is if you are planning on having baby with you until 6mo you will have a much better idea of your 'style' so you can purchase accordingly.

Having some sort of interface is awesome but I imagine they all do that now.

theaveragebear1983 Mon 01-Jun-15 21:40:44

I had a fairly cheap motorola sound only one. I'd never have a video one/ camera one- I'd just watch it constantly and become neurotic! Ours however only just made it through the 2 years we had it, used every night and during day for naps. By the end it was struggling and would beep randomly. This pregnancy I'm looking at more pricey sound only ones and hopefully it will last a bit longer. You don't really need one, and we would often turn ours off once baby got a bit older as he would chatter through the night and snore!!

Luckystar82 Mon 01-Jun-15 21:54:03

I'm not buying one until the bubba goes into her own room for sleeping. I will be able to hear her in our small house anyway and would check her frequently while napping. Will wait and see if we get any vouchers as presents that we can put towards one.

sianihedgehog Tue 02-Jun-15 10:55:08

I'm getting a super basic one. I really only want it so I can sit in the garden while baby naps!

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