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Pregnant with didelphic uterus

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TrueBoo2 Mon 01-Jun-15 14:14:21

I'm hoping for some advice on your experiences with pregnancy with an abnormally shaped uterus. I'm 42 and discovered a few weeks ago that I am pregnant, a total surprise considering my age and my issues (I also have PCOS), but a very welcome surprise. This is my first pregnancy. When was 20 I was diagnosed with a bicornuate uterus with double cervix, and a double kidney on my left side. I had the vaginal septum removed when I was about 22. I was told then that I had an incompetent cervix also so would need a lot of monitoring if I ever got pregnant.

Since discovering I was pregnant (week 4), I have bled non stop, though is just spotting. I've been back and forth to emergencies and in a scan at 4-5 weeks they told me they think my uterus is didelphic, or possibly septate, not bicornuate. I have my first proper scan scheduled a week away with a specialist (they wouldn't see me sooner despite my bleeding). I've been given some progesterone tablets but they're not making any difference to the bleeding. I also have a stitch like feeling in my lower abdomen, like period pain but a bit lower.

The embryo is apparently in the left uterus, not on the septum, and in the middle. Is the middle a good place to be? At the first scan they could only see the sac, about 3.8mm, and then 2 days later when I went to emergencies with severe cramping they couldn't see it at all, which has made me paranoid but I definitely still feel pregnant, with dizzy spells, fatigue and tender breasts. I'm trying to stay positive and assume that because it was so small, it would be easy to miss and she only looked for about 1 minute. I think the cramping might have been trapped wind/constipation and I've since added extra fibre into my diet to sort out the problem. This was 2 weeks ago and they have left me in limbo as I've no idea if I'm still pregnant, despite feeling that I am. Is it possible to still have symptoms despite having had a miscarriage? I live in Spain and the language barrier is causing some issues as I am by no means fluent.

Can anyone please give me their experiences of early pregnancy to put my mind at ease. Especially regarding bleeding. The doctors here are adamant it can't be coming from the other uterus like a period but I just don't know what to think now.

Thanks so much for any advice/experiences and apologies for the long thread.

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