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Raspberry Leaf Tablets - 36 weeks pregnant - Holland & Barrett

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Naomilaura Mon 01-Jun-15 13:04:26

I recently picked up some Raspberry Leaf Tablets from Holland & Barretts. The dosage is 424mg of dry extract from raspberry leaf. I'm baffled as it says on the packet do not take if pregnant, but after the research I have done it is thought to help your cervix during and after labour.

On blogs other people have also bought these from Holland & Barrett and have taken them without worry.
I want to know how many tablets to take per day as I am 36 weeks pregnant?
Do you think H&B are just covering them selves?

These are the ones I have bought.

Would really appreciate anyones advice smile

cogitosum Mon 01-Jun-15 13:11:02

It's known to potentially start labour so I guess that's what is meant by don't use during pregnancy. Ie don't take them before 37 weeks.

TheFillyjonk Mon 01-Jun-15 14:21:56

I also have them and I'm 36 weeks too. My midwife said the H&B ones were fine to take from 36 weeks and that the warning is just a legal requirement as Raspberry Leaf is not an approved remedy. She did say, however, that if I get very strong contractions I should stop. Having had crazily strong BH contractions since 27 weeks anyway, I'm going to look out for anything unusual.

I've started at 1 tablet a day and will increase it to 2 either next week or the week after.

Raspberry Leaf doesn't bring on labour, by the way. It gives the uterus a good toning (in my case, it will be the only toned part of my body flexes grin)

Warandpeace Mon 01-Jun-15 16:06:59

I took the H&B capsules last time I was pregnant and had no issues. They were recommended to me by my friend who is a mw so they must be fine smile

Although I had no issues taking them, I did have a 3 day initial slow labour, followed by 12 hour active labour with 3 hours of pushing and an emergency forceps delivery. DS was also born 11 days late hmm

Not to scare you, I'm just a bit sceptical! (However I have just bought myself some to take this time too!)

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