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Propess induction

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MorgansMummy1 Sat 30-May-15 17:23:24

I will be going in to have a propess induction at exactly 39 weeks due to having blood clots on my lungs I was just wondering how long it could take to start working and whether it is successful as this is my 2nd child I was induced with my first one with a sweep that got me to 2 cm and they were able to break my waters but 2nd time round I wondered would it be any different I've been getting pains for a couple of weeks now but I know that normal I just hope it goes straight forward as I've had a rough time.. Need some stories about propess because I've never heard of it

AliBingo Sat 30-May-15 19:59:34

I had propess with DD1 when my waters broke and I hadn't gone into labour. The propess did nothing, in fact after three days of various pessaries they had to induce labour with a synto drip.

Two years later, I was 40+12 with DS so agreed to a propess induction. This went in around 1pm, I napped(sleepless night before!) until I woke up about half three with period pains, anyway DS was born just before half six, so the Propess seemed to work very well second time around.

I was told Propess is a gentler more natural induction, so a good one to start off with. It was weird, it looked like a tea bag on a string. First time round I got up too soon after it was applied and it fell out!

Good luck with yours I hope it works nicely.

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