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BFP 3 days ago but heavy spotting ever since. Any hope?

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ellie3009 Fri 29-May-15 14:20:04

Hi Ladies, I'm hoping someone might have had a similiar experience with a positive outcome...

I got my first BFP (quite faint but defo pink) on a cheapie (10mui sensitivity) at 10DPO with FMU.
11DPO I got another, a little darker.
12 DPO (yesterday) still BFP and much darker than the first.
Today is 13 DPO and I still had a BFP this morning, but no darker and possibly even lighter than yesterday. I tested the same FMU with a poundshop 20mui test, and there is a line, but it is only barely there.
Shouldn't there be a stronger line on that by now as it's 3 days after I got a line on a 10mui?

Also, I have been spotting since 10DPO, and this morning much more heavily. 13 DPO is actually at least 3 days late for me, I have short cycles, somewhere between 21-27 days.

Has anyone had similar and then a succsessful pregnancy? Or should I just resign myself to this being a chemical and wait?

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