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c section this morning nervous. twin growth discordance!

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Rebecca1608 Fri 29-May-15 08:01:28

35 weeks today and was booked in for section 36+3 which was 8th June. Expecting mo-di twins. Who had been growing similar throughout my whole pregnancy. Only a couple of ozs apart. However went for my fortnightly scan y'day and 1 twin hasn't grown at all in 2 weeks weighing 4lb 4 still while the other 1 weighs 5lb 9oz. Saw my consultant who said she was concerned and the safest thing to do was deliver them earlier. Earlier than the 8th i asked. Yes she said, early as in tomorrow. Here i am now in hospital fasting waiting to go down to theatre for 9:30 i'm shitting myself. I just want all to smoothly sad

TisILeclerc Fri 29-May-15 08:06:26

The section will be fine, I'm sure - it's still a planned section so nice and calm.

Good luck with the babies. I'm sure all will be well with them too smileflowers

AnneOfGreenGarbles Fri 29-May-15 08:14:58

Good luck sweetie flowers

I am 33w with twins so am very familiar with the worries it can bring. In a couple of hours you will have two lovely babies in your arms.

TheOriginalWinkly Fri 29-May-15 08:18:17

Good luck flowers

Next week my friend's twins turn 3. They were delivered by C section at 33 weeks due to growth discordance. One was just over 4lb, the other just over 3lbs. Both did extremely well and are healthy happy (exhausting!) boys.

mrschatty Fri 29-May-15 08:46:50

All the best OP
Soon you will have your two bundles of joy in your arms xxx

Number3cometome Fri 29-May-15 10:20:14

Best of luck OP, the c-section itself will be fine, i've had two and due another in July.

The twins will be fine! We have a lady on our July group who had her twins last weekend (slightly earlier than you) both similar weights and doing well smile flowers

Tftpoo Fri 29-May-15 10:20:19

Hi OP. Hope you are feeling ok after the section. I have MCDA twins too and they were delivered early by c-section because my waters went but I didn't go into labour. It wasn't picked up on the fortnightly scans but they had TTTS, one was 4lb15 and one was 5lb13 at birth. Although it wasn't entirely planned, I'm so pleased we had a section as both recovered fine from the TTTS and are now nearly 18 months old (they've caught up in terms of their growth too and are now pretty big for their age). Hope it all goes well for you and your lovely babies.

Rebecca1608 Sat 30-May-15 06:18:42

Thanks everyone have to say the section was a great experience. I was more nervous surrounded by "the team" as they introduced themselves and told me their role before heading into theatre. Found the experience very laid back. Lots of laughing and joking and OH kept me calmer. The best part was midwife holding up babies quickly to me before they were whisked off for cleaning and changing which my mum got to be a part of. One was taken straight to scbu and one stayed with me all day but also taken to scbu in the early hours as even though they had steroids could not breathe too well as lungs not mature enough. Weighed over 4lbs and no one is too worries. We are all on the way to recovery and my little ladies are perfect smile

Bin85 Sat 30-May-15 06:24:34

Fantastic news
Thanks for updating

BettyCatKitten Sat 30-May-15 06:31:34

Congratulations on the birth of your twins smileflowerswine
I had emcs with my twins at 32.3 after my waters broke and laboured, twin 1 breach. Mine were in NICU and came home on due date, they are 8 now and fine.
Im sure yours will soon be home, all the best smile

Number3cometome Sat 30-May-15 08:12:01

Ahh lovely news op!

Seriouslyffs Sat 30-May-15 08:16:25


mommathatwearspink Sat 30-May-15 08:19:50

Congratulations flowers

AnneOfGreenGarbles Sat 30-May-15 20:58:54

Congratulations - that's lovely news flowers

Tftpoo Sun 31-May-15 10:01:01

Congratulations! So glad to hear it went ok for you all.

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