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BMW 1 Series boot space for prams

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SunnyR Thu 28-May-15 21:51:33

Hi ladies
I'm looking to buy a BMW 1 series hatchback 2008.
I'm hoping anyone with experience with the same car can advise me on space for a suitable pram as I've heard boot space is very limited.
The pram I'm looking to buy is the bugaboo Cameleon 3.
Any advice would be appreciated!

Cheshirehello79 Thu 28-May-15 22:38:20

I was going to add this post at some point but thank god someone did :-) . After reading lots of posts on this I've got 2012 1 series and apparently the bugaboo chameleon 3 fit like a glove well with the price you're paying I hope so. I still can't justify almost a grand for a pram so wonder if there's any other prams out there that fit perfectly. Are you going for an isofix base ? Heard that's the best but takes space at the back seat.

SunnyR Thu 28-May-15 22:55:11

Aw glad I could help.
I agree it's a very expensive pram. Hard choices. Yes we are going for the isofix.
I think you have the new shape 1 series with the larger boot space of 360ltrs whereas the old shape (e87) I think has a 330ltr capacity. Does anyone have the old shape and a Bugaboo Cameleon 3 pram?

folieadeux Fri 29-May-15 04:43:54

We've got an older 1 series and easily fit our iCandy peach pushchair in there, and they're one of the bigger pushchairs. It does go into two pieces tho, ie wheels and seat separate so seat/carrycot part goes on top of wheels when in there. The boot isn't that small, you can fit a few bags of shopping in around it too. Hope that helps

SunnyR Fri 29-May-15 12:27:34

Ahh great yes that really helps thank you

Haribolover Fri 29-May-15 21:49:05

Had a 2011 1 Series and fitted a Vista, 2014 versionin. Admittedly wasn't that much room for lots of other stuff. Could easily though get some shopping in too.

pearly1980 Fri 29-May-15 21:53:30

We used to have a 1 series (56 plate) and boot was a good size for our icandy peach like one other poster said, pushchair seat unit on top of wheels and space for a bit more in boot. The problem we had was the early days if wanting to take carrycot too as that was harder to fit in boot so we had to have it on back seat.

A word of warning, we got rid of the 1 series when our daughter was 2 as getting her in and out was killing my back (weakened back after c section) and OH was also complaining of his back, so we got a golf plus instead which is a dream (but small boot!)

It's hard to find the ideal combo, but good luck with the beemer

Chchchchanging Sat 30-May-15 01:05:29

Ended up switching my 1 series for a qashquai.. So much easier to get chairs and kit in and out
Of again and now have a saloon... My back is crying

Cgow Sat 30-May-15 04:12:30

I have one, boot space is grate, fits I candy peach 3 in lovely.
I'll be honest only problem i find Is once seat is in with isofix you end up with no floor space to move chair, nothing major you may be Fine other than that car Is perfect

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