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Feeling Baby's Movements- When did you first feel movement and how would you describe it?

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Amyyy27 Thu 28-May-15 13:30:34

^ Just that really. FTM and at 16 weeks I don't know what I'm feeling!

So how far on were you when you first started feeling baby move, and how would you describe the movements?

Sid77 Thu 28-May-15 13:33:10

With my first I felt it at around 14 weeks (I think) and it felt like bubbly wind. You know sometimes, when you've eaten a lot and you can feel some wind bubbling along your insides on it's way through? Like that. But then you get it a few times in a row, then it feels more fluttery and flipply - like you'd imagine a fish in your stomach would feel!

rubyred84 Thu 28-May-15 14:01:43

Im pregnant with twins and first felt movement around 16-17 weeks...mine didn't feel like bubbles, felt exactly like a muscle twitch you might get in your arm or leg, it's so wonderful feeling them for the first time, I would sit at my desk at work and try to feel it from the outside but it was a few more weeks until that. then comes the part where you see them moving, just as fab. enjoy smile xx

Amyyy27 Thu 28-May-15 14:02:20

Oh that's promising! I've definitely had some bubbly feelings. Also get twinges every now and then that feel like little prods.... does that sound like it could be the baby?

sianihedgehog Thu 28-May-15 14:39:23

I was around 21 weeks, and it felt like a fish flopping over.

Teeste Thu 28-May-15 14:48:16

18 weeks ish for me, felt a lot like a muscle twitch at first, then progressed to bubbles. Your first full-on kick is amazing!

Then later on, you get so tired of them doing the baby disco and will them to go back to sleep grin

Amyyy27 Thu 28-May-15 15:13:16

Haha, aww I can't wait for kicks!

LilacWine7 Thu 28-May-15 15:28:44

I was 14 weeks when I started feeling little prods and taps, very gentle, almost like tiny muscle twitches so I thought it was my imagination at first though they got stronger as weeks went by. I also felt a sensation at night as though baby was drifting from one side of womb to other, at other times a sort of buzzing/fluttering feeling very low down... all sensations I'd never felt before. By 18 weeks I started feeling him jump and kick, i think the jumping sensation might be baby having hiccups! By 20 weeks DH could feel him kick by resting hand on bump. Didn't feel the 'bubbles' thing until about 20weeks, it feels like baby is blowing bubbles or creating bubbles by somersaulting! I read somewhere there's no air in womb but babies can blow water-bubbles which creates this sensation.

Magical isn't it smile I love feeling my baby moving around, it's like he's trying to communicate

MelB2014 Thu 28-May-15 15:38:15

I am 21w and have only started to feel anything the last couple of weeks, although this week I am more sure that it's the baby I'm feeling.

I was told at my 20w scan that I have an anterior placenta which explains why I'm not feeling much consistently yet, only when baby kicks/punches where it's not as thick.

It feels like a muscle twitch or a light prod at the moment

lauraa4 Thu 28-May-15 16:18:08

I started to feel movement around 17/18 weeks. It did feel like twitches at first but you get used to feeling when it's the baby or just wind! Also as the weeks go on they will get a lot stronger.

Amyyy27 Thu 28-May-15 16:19:52

Thank you ladies, some lovely stories there! I think I might be feeling some movement but looking forward to them getting stronger so I know for sure smile

LorryHen Thu 28-May-15 16:30:52

Mine was 18 weeks exactly and I can't even describe the feeling it is so weird. It's like being tickled on the inside or having a goldfish in there

Bluepetra Thu 28-May-15 16:32:20

Both times at 15 weeks. A light fluttering then a both further on makes me think of a frog squirming and kicking.

MuddyWellyNelly Thu 28-May-15 16:36:08

About 18 weeks, they were called "bowel burps" in our house.

twinsandapenguin Thu 28-May-15 16:56:32

About 16 - 17 weeks for me. I didn't get any of the bubbles or tickling that people describe. It was like being prodded by a tiny poker. No doubt there!

Skeppers Thu 28-May-15 16:58:36

I was around 16 weeks and it was really like a muscle twitch, or someone very lightly flicking you from the inside.

Now I get a most definite booting from time to time (mostly when I'm trying to sleep) and can feel him sliding about all over the place. Makes you wonder what they're getting up to in there! I've been kicked so hard sometimes it's actually woken me up.

OpheliaBitz Thu 28-May-15 17:00:44

I had an anterior placenta, so nothing till about 24 weeks, then definite prods and feelings of something moving around. I missed out on the tiny little flutters (and was properly panicking too!), but all was fine smile

ExcitedA3 Thu 28-May-15 17:04:01

I felt it at exactly 18 weeks, like I was being prodded... By 18+2 I laid on my back with DH watching and we saw him/her kicking and moving my tummy. Now DH can place his hand on my tummy and can feel the little kicks. It's amazing and makes me smile every time!

Skeppers Thu 28-May-15 17:09:37

ExcitedA3 Ha ha, my DH is scared to touch my belly. Says it feels 'weird' and he doesn't like it! hmm

Just wait until the actual birth! shock I think he will keel over.

Amyyy27 Thu 28-May-15 17:13:58

Aww love hearing your stories!

Skeppers glad you shared as I have a lot of twitching feelings but you hear more of the bubble/fish flopping feeling than twitches!

ExcitedA3 Thu 28-May-15 17:15:53

Haha men are strange aren't they! Lol how do they think we feel!!!

Skiptonlass Thu 28-May-15 17:51:29

Anterior placenta, so I think a good chunk of them I don't feel, but it started like something slimy turning over inside me (the big whole body flips?) then at 18 weeks a definite pummelling. Felt like tiny fists whacking my bladder. Which it probably was.

I love the kicks! Damn my anterior placenta, I'd love to feel more smile will I feel bigger kicks as it gets bigger or is this it?

sianihedgehog Thu 28-May-15 21:04:48

Skipton I've got an anterior placenta, too and now at nearly 30 weeks I am feeling A LOT. I can feel stretching, turning, kicking, etc, and see lots of movement through my clothes!

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