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Second breech baby

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Sausageypyramids Thu 28-May-15 10:30:55

Just been for 34 week mw appt to be told baby is breech. My 3 year old DD was also breech for most of the pregnancy (this one was actually head down at last appt but has obviously been having a good squirm since!) With DD I had unsuccessful (and horrible) ECV and then an ELCS. ELCS seemed the only viable option as she was footling breech which is apparently the most dangerous breech version to attempt a VB.

I'm going to wait till 36 week appt then mw will refer me if she thinks baby is still breech. If the scan confirms this My plan is to go straight for another ELCS without attempting ECV this time. I was hoping for a VBAC this time but am happy with this option if baby doesn't turn.

I suppose I'm posting really to see if anyone else has had experience of multiple breech babies? My last section confirmed I have a normal shaped uterus but could there be some other issue with me that causes me to carry babies this way? Does anyone know if they are likely to check if this is the case? I thought breech babies were fairly uncommon but does having one breech increase the chances of having another, or do I just happen to have produced two really awkward babies?!

Sweetpea80 Thu 28-May-15 11:31:41

Hi I don't have much experience but didn't want to read and run
My mw thought my DD3 was breech but when we went for a scan to confirm it she wasn't. She was quite a large baby and there wasn't a lot of room left for her to move around so I think that's why she thought she was breech.
DD4 was breech and I had to have an ELCS as there was no amniotic fluid left to try and turn her.
Try not to worry about it and see what the scan says. Hopefully baby will turn. Good luck flowers

boatrace30 Thu 28-May-15 17:20:25

I'm 38+4 with first baby, which is breech. I have read that it is hereditary. I was a breech baby, as was my grandmother so it seems to run in the family which would make it more likely (I guess) to have two. Fingers crossed yours turns though... You've got some time.

LovelyWeatherForDucks Thu 28-May-15 22:07:46

I posted almost the exact same thing a few weeks ago! I'm 32 weeks with 2nd breech baby, baby is in the same position as my first was (frank breech, head on my right). Also hoping for a VBAC but suspect I might not get it! Though there doesn't seem to be much evidence about two breech babies, I'm sure it must be something to do with my posture or pelvis or something (I plan to see a chiropractor soon to see if anything can be done to coax him head down!).

Sausageypyramids Fri 29-May-15 13:21:58

Thanks for responses. I'm just going to wait for scan for now I think and see what's what. I did try some of the breech exercises yesterday but they're quite tricky with an90th centile bump, sciatica and a curious 3 year old! Knowing what I'm like I wouldn't commit to doing them consistently enough anyway.

No family history of breech babies boatrace, certainly immediate family have all had straightforward births.

I shall look up your thread Lovelyweather. Like you, I'm inclined to think it's something to do with me rather than a complete coincidence. I think I want to mentally prepare for another c-section and its's easier to assume it's something to do with me being the wrong shape. Mine have both been lying exclusively on right hand side too.

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