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might be induced at 33 weeks

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happymoocow12 Thu 28-May-15 06:59:28

hi everyone.
i had a growth scan Monday and baby isn't growing a he should Doppler scan was good and his heartbeat. they sent me up to triage to have steroids and i had the last lot yesterday. they said im to be monitored twice weekly and scanned every week. if he is still small on the next growth scan on the 8th of june then dr will make a decision on wether or not to induce me. they are hoping to get me as far as 37 weeks, has any body got any experience on this and what is the outcome for a baby born at 33 weeks.


HaveTeaWillSurvive Thu 28-May-15 07:05:29

Don't have any experience of this but didn't want to read and run.

Try not to worry too much I know I do remember from the paediatrician in my nct group that it was around that gestation the baby doesn't necessarily have to go to NICU ( think it maybe if over 4.5kgs but this was some time ago) so outcome must be pretty good by then. Hope someone with more experience comes along soon flowers

happymoocow12 Thu 28-May-15 07:08:18

thankyou i know he might need a little help if hes born then but that i can accept as long as hes healthy my goal would be to at least make it to 35 weeks.

hopefull2424 Thu 28-May-15 07:58:28

Hi. I an going through the exact same thing. I am currently 32 weeks and my baby's growth had tailed of from 28 weeks then last week saw a dtop in fluid To a low volume. I have been on weekly scans and had steriod injections at 31 weeks. My thinking at the moment is to expet the unexpected. I went for my scan this week knowing full well it could be the day v they decide to deliver my baby but after 3 weeks of no growth and drop in fluid levels my baby had staeyed to show minimal signs of some growth and fluid back within normal range.
So I'm now back for a scan on the 9th June at 34 weeks to see if baby has maintained a slight growth. I've been told to monitor its movements really well and call in at the first sign of change.
I really hope all goes well for you and that you make it a bit further along.
I do have a friend who's baby was born at 33 weeks. They did 2 weeks in neonatal and came home. They are now a very healthy 2 year old.
I'll be thinking of you hun xx

Cuppachaplz Thu 28-May-15 08:38:24

Hi happymoo
Sorry this is so stressful for you.
I had a fluid loss and early contractions at 29 weeks, following an accident. He continued to grow increasingly poorly, and I was in early labour from 33 weeks. I was having scans twice weekly and traces at least daily by the end, and was admitted a few times, however, that managed to leave him where he was until 35+5 (actually admitted for delivery 3d earlier but no beds).
My little boy was small (but not as small as they expected) and never needed help feeding in a scbu bed, and continues to amaze everyone with his progress (he has additional needs, but they are nothing to do with being prem)
You've had the steroid course yo mature your LOs lungs, which is good. Rest up and try to stay as calm as you can.
Can you ask for a scbu tour, to speak to a specialist mw, or ask your consultant what support us available?
There are prem boards which may be helpful.
Feel free to PM if you want.
Thinking of you xx

AbbeyRoadCrossing Thu 28-May-15 09:18:27

I recommended the Tommy's book 'Having a premature baby' and they'll post it to you for free. The premature birth board on here is also good.
Typically a premature baby stays in hospital until term, that's just an average though, they could well be home sooner or later, but I'd expect a longer stay just to prepare yourself at home and with your packing etc.

willnotbetamed Thu 28-May-15 10:31:06

My first son was born at 32+3 (unexpectedly) - they were able to halt labour long enough for me to get the steroids, but no longer. He weighed 1980g and apart from that, he was fine. He had a couple of typical things that go with being born early - it was difficult to get him to drink enough during the first couple of weeks, he was sleepy and a little bit jaundiced (although didn't need treatment) but otherwise he was healthy. He stayed just over 3 weeks in the NICU and then we took him home. Now he is an absolutely lovely and healthy seven-year-old! It's scary of course if they have to arrive early, but from 32 weeks babies generally do pretty well. Good luck!

Gizmo2206 Thu 28-May-15 13:32:03

My baby was born at 35+1 (was induced at 34+5 but took forever!) and she weighed 4lbs 12oz and I got to take her to a transitional care ward with me for 2 weeks, but she was still needing tube feeding and I asked for her to be taken to SCBU where they quickly solved this problem and we went home 5 days later. She had prolonged jaundice but is fine now.

I was induced because they said she hadn't grown for three weeks and I had no fluid (they said they could see absolutely none on the scan) but she was a very average size for 35 weeks (and me and my partner are small, so definitely wouldn't have expected a big baby). Also my waters 'went' and there was more than I expected! That said I think she was better out than in, they told me the womb is an uncontrolled environment where anything can go wrong with no warning, whereas even if baby needs help breathing/ feeding/ keeping warm they have all the equipment to help them; so essentially when in doubt they are better off out!

Buy some cute little vests (they can't wear babygrows in the incubator) so they have something you have picked if they are born early - you can always return them if you go further than expected but it was nice to dress my DD in something I had picked! Bigger Asdas sell prem baby clothes, and mothercare do early baby things up to 5lbs.

happymoocow12 Thu 28-May-15 13:48:10

thankyou so much for all your advice im just getting my head around it all its been a bit overwhelming. everything else is normal just his growth so im hoping to go a little bit further. im goin to get some vests nappies socks and hats and an outfit to bring him home in when hes ready. im not going to lie but those steriods hurt soooo badly glad there done now. thankyou all xx

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