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unplanned pregnancy after 3 c-sections

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turbonerd Wed 27-May-15 15:08:53

I wondered if anyone has any good advice. After my Third c-section Four years ago the utetus was stretched very thin apparently. I had a gynecological ultrasound recently for other trouble, and just asked the dr her opinion after. She Said it should be fine, they would have to keep a close eye and baby would have to come out around 37 wks.
I asked because I had just had a miscarriage at about 3 wks, it just felt very stretchy in my pelvis, if that can describe it.
Please no judging on becoming accidently pregnant twice, the circs are ridiculous and I feel bad enough already.
This pregnancy is only about 3 weeks, but the symptoms are very clear. Is it more common to miscarry after several c-sections? This winter was the first time I have ever miscarried. Even though this pregnancy is inconvenient (an understatement if there ever was one) I have very mixed feelings about an abortion.
Sorry about rambling text. Trying to gather my thoughts as I type.
Any wise words are welcome!

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