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21 days late.

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Staceyaa Wed 27-May-15 10:57:49

I am sending myself crazy, I am 21 days late I have taken 2 tests that come back neg, I am going to get a clear blue test tomorrow to try again, I had period pains till I was around 12 days late but it never shown up, my boobs don't hurt but they feel abit fuller, I have never been on the pill so it can't be because of that, anybody else gone through this and been pregnant ?

gaggiagirl Wed 27-May-15 11:00:38

Have you ever been this late before?

Number3cometome Wed 27-May-15 11:02:13

Not 21 days late, that is really quite a long time.

Sometimes it can happen that we just don't ovulate one month nor have a period, but I would get to your GP for a check up if nothing happens this week.

Staceyaa Wed 27-May-15 11:04:32

Never been this late, the most I have been late ever is around 5 days, do you still have period pains and everything else if you don't ovulate then?

Number3cometome Wed 27-May-15 11:06:27

Yes you can do, sometimes you even have a period, just depends.

I have had cycles of 65 days before, no ovulation during those months.

I'd call your GP and get checked.

gaggiagirl Wed 27-May-15 11:07:33

If you were pregnant a pregnancy test would be positive at this stage. How long are your cycles usually?

Staceyaa Wed 27-May-15 11:12:19

Maybe it could be that then sad yeah I thought that I will do one more test tomorrow if neg I will go to doctors, it's normally around 28 days

Littlefish Wed 27-May-15 11:15:12

How old are you?

I've had cycles like Number3, but I think mine were signs that I was becoming peri-menopausal.

Staceyaa Wed 27-May-15 11:16:47

I am just 25

Number3cometome Wed 27-May-15 11:18:39

Mine was PCOS, although strangely I no longer suffer and my cysts have gone.

I was on cerazette for 7 years so that may well have resolved the issue.

Number3cometome Wed 27-May-15 11:19:10

Normal BMI Stacey

Staceyaa Wed 27-May-15 11:20:14

Yes as far as I know

Number3cometome Wed 27-May-15 11:21:20

hmmm, defo worth testing first thing tomorrow (use a Superdrug, or First Response test, don't bother with Clear Blue or any internet cheap ones)

If still negative, book that GP app.

Staceyaa Wed 27-May-15 11:23:12

Okay I will do that thank you for All your replys

Number3cometome Wed 27-May-15 11:25:17

Good luck OP!

yellowsnownoteatwillyou Wed 27-May-15 11:47:15

I was 21 days late testing everyday, my ds is nearly 2.

I must have ovulated later than I thought as my scan dates matched up with the bfp.

Staceyaa Wed 27-May-15 11:59:53

Did you have any symptoms ?

yellowsnownoteatwillyou Thu 28-May-15 09:26:37

I felt sick after eating and was tired, and had cramps.
I don't get period pains so thought it had to be something.

Number3cometome Thu 28-May-15 09:38:43

How did you get on OP?

Beckahjane Thu 28-May-15 09:54:28

Hi there I had a period which was 16 days late in December.. All negative tests, I miscarried on 3rd Jan.
I am now currently pregnant and didn't find out until 12 days late as all tests prior had said negative again!
It's strange! And I'm 14wks now x

Beckahjane Thu 28-May-15 09:58:08

I would definitely go see a GP though! I was panicking both times this happened and I was as late as you I would be going crazy! X

Staceyaa Thu 28-May-15 13:48:06

I never had time to go get a test yesterday so going to get one b4 the weekend I will keep you posted how I get on, got cramps for about a hour again yesterday

Number3cometome Thu 28-May-15 13:50:06

Sounds like your body is trying to do something!

If negative, defo get to the docs as they can give you something to kickstart your periods

Staceyaa Thu 28-May-15 13:51:46

I will do thank you for your reply smile

bunny85 Thu 28-May-15 16:54:33

Have you travelled anywhere far lately? My cycles have always been like a clockwork, but the only time when I skipped a cycle (apart from being pg) was when I flew to America for a month. Docs said it was normal, bodyclock got confused.

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