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Constant dizziness :(

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Ava50x Tue 26-May-15 13:43:26

Hi all

I'm currently 26+2 weeks pregnant. For the last couple of weeks i've been dizzy basically all the time. Went to see my MW last week, because i've had a couple of fainting incidents and was getting too afraid to go out. Blood pressure was fine, bloods all came back normal. I was sure my hg would be low but its actually fine.

Don't know what could be the matter but I can't carry on like this!

This morning I was waiting to pay in Boots and was struck by a wave of dizziness. Thank goodness they had a chair so I could sit down until it passed- but I'm really getting too scared to go out of the house!

Does anyone have any suggestions what could possibly be causing this crazy dizziness??

TIA, Ava

scatterbrainedlass Wed 27-May-15 07:47:02

It's common around the middle of pregnancy, as your blood pressure drops. It should go back up again at some point though. Are you keeping hydrated and eating regularly? Dehydration, low blood sugar and low blood pressure are common reasons for dizziness and passing out. Try carrying some sweets with you just to try and keep blood sugars up, and don't stand still for too long, as that can bring on dizzy spells. If it keeps on happening I'd see if you can get further tests in case it's something not picked up on the basic bloods they did.

Ava50x Wed 27-May-15 14:29:07

Thanks, Scatterbrainedlass.

Been to see the midwife again this morning. Blood pressure and blood sugar are consistently stable so a bit mystified. She said to attribute it to one of those pregnancy things, as we've pretty much ruled out everything else- including thyroid function.

Doesn't make it easier to deal with though sad

turbonerd Wed 27-May-15 15:12:50

Check if you are low on iron. It makes you tired and dizzy, luckily Iron tablets then help very quickly.

rosabeth Wed 27-May-15 17:17:12

I've been getting this since about 30 weeks and I'm now 37 weeks and still getting dizzy/fainting. Again, all tests come back as normal, but the midwife has today suggested getting some Spatone to help with the symptoms, as even though my iron looks ok, it may help to up the dose.
May be worth a try for you? I've also found that the more active I am, the worse the symptoms, so I'm trying to force myself to rest up and not spend too long on my feet. This is my second pregnancy and I never had this last time.
I hope you manage to get on top of this. I've found it very debilitating!

Ava50x Thu 28-May-15 14:48:58

turbonerd, we've checked my hemoglobin and its perfect. So thats not the reason!

rosabeth- thanks so much for your response! Its so encouraging to hear from someone else going through this, even if you haven't seemed to find a reason either. I've started taking spatone every day, as per midwife suggestion but I don't feel its made the slightest difference. Still taking it though!! smile

Great advice not to spend too long on my feet. Will keep that in mind!
Good luck with the last few weeks!

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