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Racing a car while pregnant (yes really)

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fourlegstwolegs Tue 26-May-15 11:44:43

I know this is going to sound really random, but I was supposed to be racing at the end of June. Proper racing, speeds over 100mph, 20 other cars on the track, etc. Obviously the car has all the safety kit and a proper racing harness. However, I just found out I'm pregnant (yay!) and would be 10 weeks by the time the race comes around.
Should I do it? If I crash at 100 odd mph I would survive, but would the force of the impact possibly kill the baby?
I'm really in two minds as I've always wanted to do it but I really want this baby....

Number3cometome Tue 26-May-15 11:47:28

My answer? No.

10 weeks is fairly early, your baby is well protected etc, but a crash (even minor) at that stage could shock you and cause any number of injuries that could cause miscarraige.

Personally, I wouldn't risk it also chances are you'll feel sick enough already by then without adding on speed and corners grin

Pootles2010 Tue 26-May-15 11:48:46

Erm... really? Yes car crashes can easily cause people to miscarry/lose the baby. You'd be nuts, to be honest.

PourquoiTuGachesTaVie Tue 26-May-15 11:50:06

Of course the force of a 100 mph impact could kill you AND the baby. hmm

I wouldn't have thought they would let you race if you are pregnant.

If you really want to do it wait until after the baby is born.

Seriouslyffs Tue 26-May-15 11:50:30

I don't know. I believe that once you have dependents risk taking pursuits should stop, but then I'm extremely risk adverse at the best of times! Are you a member of a club? What do other pregnant women do? Is there a racing forum you can ask? I think its one of those dilemmas that would split people along participant v. never tried, can't understand lines.
Congratulations on your pregnancy!

fourlegstwolegs Tue 26-May-15 12:02:42

There are so few women racing that it's hard to find anyone to ask! Its my first race too - I've done lots of track days and I understand the lines - but never driven in a race.

Seriouslyffs Tue 26-May-15 12:15:30

I think as there's no one to ask and its your first race then, no you shouldn't do it! Perhaps go to the petrolheads forum and ask if anyone knows of a forum where women participants talk?

PoppyBlossom Tue 26-May-15 12:17:21

I wouldn't. Miscarriage is always an unfortunate possibility, I don't know how I'd feel if I participated in a dangerous activity that would heighten the risk unduly.

chipsandpeas Tue 26-May-15 12:26:20

erm why would you want to risk it

even track days and karting says not to do if pregnant and least with karting you arent going as fast

i havent raced properly as in full speeds but been in karting races plenty of times to know that its a bad idea

chipsandpeas Tue 26-May-15 12:27:34

oh and you will also need to consider the possibility of insurance, if you do deicde to go ahead and not tell them you are pregnant it could have implications for insurance

rallytog1 Tue 26-May-15 12:56:00

Nope. Don't even think about it. It's likely that the circuit wouldn't allow you to race if they knew, because it would cause insurance issues. Places like Silverstone won't allow pregnant people to take part in race schools and track days for instance.

If you're an MSA licence holder there may also be rules around competing on your licence while pregnant.

I worked in motor sport for many years and never ever saw a pregnant woman racing or co driving. I did however see many people hurting or injuring themselves - if you were injured in a race it could harm your baby or compromise the treatment options available to you. It's just not worth the risk.

rallytog1 Tue 26-May-15 12:57:44

Oh, and it's perfectly possible to injure or kill yourself at 100mph, even with a roll cage and a 5-point harness!

AlpacaMyBags Tue 26-May-15 13:00:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fourlegstwolegs Tue 26-May-15 14:04:36

I think you are all right. I hadn't considered that the circuit itself may well have a policy on this. I also hadn't considered that certain treatments in the event of a crash may be compromised. I think common sense has to take over and hope that I can take up the wheel again some time in the future....
I have left a message for the MSA medic to call me anyway, as I'm curious about the rules.

MummyPiggy87 Tue 26-May-15 14:34:18

Sorry but if you went ahead and did that then your putting yourself before your baby for a little bit of a thrill!
I had a Xmas present from my dh to go to silverstone and have a day driving lambo, ferrari etc around the tracks, safe yes but could potentially crash.
I found out in March I was pregnant and cancelled it straight away without a thought. Baby comes first even if "it might be okay" there's plenty of time for that in the future.

ellie3009 Tue 26-May-15 14:42:26

My sis had a voucher for one of these days but then got preggo, they wouldnt even let her do it, so extended the voucher.

rallytog1 Tue 26-May-15 14:45:11

I would be interested to hear MSA policy too fourlegs! Do share if they come back to you...

blowinahoolie Tue 26-May-15 21:20:56

Please don't do it. Fine to do this when it's only your life at stake, but not when it's a baby's.

VeronicaIsGreat Tue 26-May-15 21:26:40

OP what you would prefer:

1. To go car racing
2. To have a successful pregnancy with a healthy baby at the end of it.

Your call.

chipsandpeas Tue 26-May-15 21:28:06

i would be very shocked if the MSA said if was ok to race while pregnant

i dont understand why you are still trying to pursue this

AnguaResurgam Tue 26-May-15 21:32:58

Amy was meant to be in The Rovers.

Tracey wouldn't know that the reception was without the B&G, or that Carla and Liz decided on spur of moment that she would be better off not there in case Tony returned.

AnguaResurgam Tue 26-May-15 21:33:58


Spectacularly wrong thread (must have back tabbed).


WonkyDonkBonk Tue 26-May-15 21:36:25


BikeRunSki Tue 26-May-15 21:38:27

I skiied at 7 weeks and was still mountain biking at 26 weeks, but I agree with those who've advised against it. When I was skiing/mountain biking I chose quiet routes and took it gently. Very different scenario to racing, with other cars around you that you can't control.

I'm glad you seen sense. I really get that you've got something you really want to do, I am no stranger to extreme sports, but just think about how you'd feel, what you'd do if you were in an accident. Or if you weren't but there was something wrong with your baby. Would the race play on your mind forever?

JacobWrestling Tue 26-May-15 21:45:05

There isn't an insurance company in the world who would cover you. Sorry.

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