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Breech Baby - worried about possible c section

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wowiesis111 Tue 26-May-15 11:00:09

Baby no 2 due soon. First was transverse but turned last minute. This one moved from head down to breech. First born was tiny and this one is average size so is quickly running out of room as I'm quite slight. I've got 4 weeks to due date Midwife in a week to check positioning however my worries are :
-He's been in this position for weeks now and not moved so think he's there to stay.
- I laboured really quickly- 3 hours ( ended up all a bit of an emergency) so worried I could go into labour with breech baby and panic I'll not get there in time
- if I have to have a c section, worry about what that entails. Recovery ( with a two and half year old and new born )
Plus we're moving two weeks after due date so added stress on recovery time
-not being able to drive
- the scar if I have to have section

Id like to hear any of your experiences with breech baby turning? Is it likely at this late stage?
Also c sections? Are they really that bad? Procedure /
Recovery etc

I've been swimming in the hope that will help turn to head down but no luck yet.

Thanks in advance.

Worried mummy!

FanSpamTastic Tue 26-May-15 11:08:12

Have a look at some of the ideas on optimal foetal positioning here

abbiebunn Tue 26-May-15 11:11:32

Hi, don't know whether this helps it not but I'm in a similar situation. This is my 1st baby. He's been breech the whole time. I went for a ECV at 36+6. But they weren't able to turn him due to the cord being around his face. I was told I had to have a CS and have been booked in for one on 2nd June. Positively pooing myself scared about it!

I was told that there is a small chance he could still turn and when I go in for my CS to ask to be scanned. Just to make sure he hasn't turned.

Postino Tue 26-May-15 11:20:54

My dc2 was breech and I had a CS. They tried turning him but couldn't.
I may have been very lucky, and also didn't have a house move to worry about (!) or a fast first labour (quite the opposite) but I look back on the CS as a good thing.

No pain (bit of discomfort afterwards, but I purposely didn't take painkillers as I didn't want to overdo it)
Easy to arrange childcare for dc1 and to arrange dh being there
Very calm and peaceful during the procedure (had a Brian Eno cd on!)
Scar is very thin and almost invisible after 2 years (probable sooner) also on SC "overhang" which I've heard about but never seen.

Couldn't drive for a while (under my insurance, though I felt I would've been safe after a week or so)
Having to try not to lift heavy things/use stomach muscles too much
Needed help at home for a couple of weeks, due to dc1

Having done it both ways I'd always choose a CS (though don't want any more dc). Please don't be scared of it.

kiwiscantfly Tue 26-May-15 11:21:27

My first baby was breech and didn't turn and I had an ELCS, which is way better than an emergency one (or so I'm told). A few things, I kept on top of the drugs and the pain was ok, my scar is barely noticeable and I've had two sections now, and six weeks goes by so fast with regards to driving. I was cleared early after my second which helped us too. Can you get someone to come and stay? DH had two weeks of leave, then my mum came for two weeks which was awesome! Good luck.

Postino Tue 26-May-15 11:24:22

I meant "no CS overhang"!

I honestly felt completely fine very soon afterwards. The one thing I'd say is be careful about looking at the ceiling during the op, as mine has a reflective light so I could see what was happening! I didn't mind, but some people might've found it disturbing.

kiwiscantfly Tue 26-May-15 11:24:37

Oh yes, even though I was "an ideal candidate" for a vbac I chose a second ELCS.

coneywonder Tue 26-May-15 14:15:10

get sitting on an exercise ball as much as possible that has turned my baby. Also hands and knees as much as possible it's not the best comfort wise but that helps also there's still time for it to change x

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