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Book recommendations for a 6 year old to introduce her to the idea of having a new baby brother

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Stewierocks Mon 25-May-15 12:01:45

Hi - we've broken the news to our DD that she will be having a baby brother. She cried for ages sad sad I don't know what to do as it really upset me. I know things will change lots and she is going to be worried about that but I feel at sea about how best to support her without getting emotional myself. I really don't want her to be unhappy. I want her to trust me so she can be honest so I think I need a slow and steady plan of action to make this as positive experience as possible for her, whilst also giving her room to express her worries and concerns. I can empathise as I have them myself about how it's all going to work! Anyway to cut to the chase, I wondered if anyone had good book recommendations and other advice. I've seen quite a few books for toddlers who will be having siblings, but they seem a bit young for a 6 year old so am really looking for something for that age group. Many thanks.

S2b16 Mon 25-May-15 17:27:06

My 6 year old was devastated too, she kept saying "no I don't want you too".
I asked her later that night what she was worried about, I won't love her the same? The changes in house etc? She never said a word. I promised her that if she ever felt sad and needed a kiss or a cuddle, I would be there even if the baby was screaming aslong as he was ok. (I'm sure she'll try this at most difficult time) I said the only big change to her would be the house would be noisier and sometimes shell have to wait for my attention (if she's just wanting to play), I said she doesn't have to play with the baby/change nappies (people joked to her it would be her job) but he would love her to play as he can hear her now and gets excited cos he can't wait to see her.
I never mentioned it for a while but commented on the children in her class who had younger siblings and she'd just stare. One night she cuddled up to me and just said "I can't believe I'm getting a brother, I've changed my mind and want one now", since then she won't go to bed or school without kissing my bump. She teases dh that shell make the baby smile and he does the nappies.
We've not read books, but I do show her what he looks like week by week on my app.
It's going to be a big change for them but for the time being I wouldn't push the baby too much, make visitors aware dd isn't keen so to focus on her when they come....we've only just been able to take dd shopping for baby things, we've bought 95% without her/online. Give her time, good luck

Stewierocks Mon 25-May-15 18:07:56

Thanks. I definitely think dont dwell on it or talk about it too much with her so she can process at her own speed is a good idea. DD cheered up when we said she could help choose the baby's name. And then took her to a funfair!

S2b16 Mon 25-May-15 18:15:58

Awww nothing like a funfair to put a smile on their faces smile

seriouslynonames Mon 25-May-15 23:24:09

we just bought a topsy and Tim book about new baby and a princess polly book (being a big sister). dc1 is 4.5 so not totally sure these would be ok for age 6 but look them up on amazon to see what you think?

Stewierocks Wed 27-May-15 22:48:21

Thanks. I think that would be a bit young still though looking at it.

scarednoob Thu 28-May-15 07:28:59

"I don't like Gloria". Best book ever - I buy it for all my friends who are having a second/third. It's about a little dog who gets his nose pushed out of joint when the family gets a cat. It's brilliant and i think you'll like it as much as she does!

V difficult for you to have to see her upset. In the long term at least you know she will love him and it's something you can remind her about at her 18th!!

scarednoob Thu 28-May-15 07:36:09

Also a bit old school, but do you remember the Dorothy Edwards' books about "my naughty little sister"? Not quite what you asked for, but if you have a child who likes reading "proper books", it might get her more excited about the idea of a sibling being fun. I bought some for my 6 year old niece at Christmas and she likes reading them to me!

Topsy34 Thu 28-May-15 07:41:08

i think there is a book called theres a house in mummys tummy.

We have the opposite, DS is so excited he wants it out NOW

scarednoob Thu 28-May-15 10:29:17

topsy - bless him. I was like that when my mum was pregnant with my younger brother.

I was so gutted when he was born - in my little brain, I'd thought he would come out 2 years older than me and know lots of good games!! the crumpled red thing that cried a LOT was something of a disappointment...

Stewierocks Thu 28-May-15 17:40:13

Aw scarednoob, I hope you're over the disappointment now. We got I don't like Gloria. Great book. I'll try the naughty little sister -or is there a brother version?

scarednoob Fri 29-May-15 07:51:32

Oh good I'm glad there's another Gloria fan out there! I don't think there is a direct equivalent with a little brother, but my friends' year olds all love "horrid Henry"; I think funny fiction might be a good way to go for a child with an imagination, to get her excited about someone to have fun with? If she likes books, maybe a treat to waterstones to choose one to read together would help too?

He's still pretty disappointing - grew up to be an accountant....... wink

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