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Sold in America and can't get else where

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Onemilliongal Mon 25-May-15 09:58:52

Hello , iam 26 weeks pregnant what baby essentials would you recommend I buy from my trip to America that I can not get in England or that I would be better off buying there


LeBoob Mon 25-May-15 10:08:08

If your considering cloth nappies they are much cheaper over there! Also aiden and anais muslins. But both you can get over here anyway

Hophop987 Mon 25-May-15 10:46:48

If you are thinking of babywearing some slings/wraps are slightly cheaper in US, you can also look for some clothes at Carters as they are cheap and nice

MrsAnxiety1 Mon 25-May-15 15:26:50

I've heard excellent things about Aveeno baby products, like bath wash and moisturiser that they don't sell over here - or rather, they do, but at hugely inflated prices online!

AngusAndElspethsThistleWhistle Mon 25-May-15 15:50:32

You can buy a spray called Dermoplast (I think) in a blue can in a pharmacy like CVS or Duane Reade. You spray it on a maternity pad and apply it to stitches (if you have one). Such sweet relief.

HazleNutt Mon 25-May-15 18:26:31

Not baby stuff but Pea in the Pod maternity clothes are great.

weeblueberry Mon 25-May-15 19:17:30

There's a nappy cream sold there called Anti Monkey Butt. It's fab and we always stock up smile

Onemilliongal Wed 27-May-15 13:22:22

Thanks ladies , I have written my list now

CityDweller Wed 27-May-15 19:47:59

Osh-Kosh dungarees are cheaper there. Target sells them, as well as Carters baby clothes (inc. really handy zip-up sleep suits)

My favourite skinny maternity jeans are from Old Navy.

24hourM0MMY Thu 28-May-15 02:17:59

Second the Aveeno products. I personally like the baby cream and lavender baby bath. Carters clothing also is really good, especially baby grows and vests, pyjamas. On the flipside, there are a lot of things you get in the UK that are not available over there!

scarednoob Thu 28-May-15 07:22:56

Another vote for aveeno - but ladies, you can get it cheaply in the uk if you have a costco card, my friend stocks up there!

chickenschicken Fri 29-May-15 21:05:25

Strapless nursing vest that clips to a nursing bra, no faff with extra straps, bra and vest down in one go.

Kasey86 Fri 29-May-15 21:15:37

Dermoplast for sure, it is amazing! I'd probably stock up on baby clothes that you can't get over here or are cheaper there.

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