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Awful hair!

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Andifyoudontfirstsucceed Sun 24-May-15 17:45:27

I am 12 weeks tomorrow and my hair is turning into a mess confused I have thick hair that I usually wan daily with Aussie shampoo and conditioner - now by the evening it feels thicker and somewhat greasy. Does anyone have any recommendations for a shampoo I could use to help take my hair?

tattyteddy Sun 24-May-15 19:50:27

I get really greasy hair in pregnancy too. I have found that nutrogena t-gel for greasy hair works wonders.

Ladypug Sun 24-May-15 19:53:57

I'm 18 weeks and my hair is still like this :-( it's depressing. Where is my glow?!?

happygojo Sun 24-May-15 20:25:18

I changed to herbal essences naked range and this helped with mine as my normal shampoo felt like it wasn't fully washing out if that makes sense

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