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R they positive lines or evap they was there straight away

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vickyjake2014 Sun 24-May-15 13:05:20

I'm on my 3rd month of clomid I have 5 days till I'm due on my period and done these early senative tests I have done 5 now all the same and came up quickly

BrockAuLit Sun 24-May-15 13:07:10

Those lol like lines to me: I say +ve!

Nice work!

BrockAuLit Sun 24-May-15 13:07:34

Look, not lol. Sorry!

Hophop987 Sun 24-May-15 13:15:31

Looks like positive lines to mewink

vickyjake2014 Sun 24-May-15 14:48:28

Thanks girls I'm happy but also anxious to find out for sure but I have to wait 5 days angry

ebeaum1981 Sun 24-May-15 15:53:25

Look like positive lines to me smile

vickyjake2014 Sun 24-May-15 16:30:47

I hope so smile

vickyjake2014 Sun 24-May-15 22:28:38

Is it normal for sex to feel like Lower stitch after sex when pregnant

MummyPiggy87 Mon 25-May-15 00:15:06

Take a clearblue digital it'll tell you up to 4 days before.
And as for stitch I haven't had that personally but things are changing and stretching so you never know, just take it

Mamabear14 Mon 25-May-15 09:00:54

I used a digital the day before my period was due and got a positive but I have heard people say they aren't as sensitive as get yourself a first response as they are better. I can definitely see faint lines on your test though smile

afreshstartplease Mon 25-May-15 09:06:12

Vicky I had that in all three pregnancies and all were fine

MummyPiggy87 Mon 25-May-15 10:00:34

My first response one was really faint and I wasn't sure but the clearblue digital showed positive 4 days before period and I literally had no wee left it only got a few drops but still worked lol I don't understand why they have a bad name they are fantastic.x

ValancyJane Mon 25-May-15 10:00:58

Definitely looks positive to me! smile

vickyjake2014 Mon 25-May-15 12:03:54

It's been 2 days now and lines r still visible

MissMartin1992 Mon 25-May-15 12:52:15

Congratulations thanks x !!! .. i dont think the digital tests are very sensetive at first.. i did 3 tests on the first day i thought i was pg.. 2 first response and 1 clearblue digital the first response came up positive straight away and the clearblue said not pregnant! 1 week..11 positive tests later it finally said pregnant hehe x

vickyjake2014 Mon 25-May-15 14:37:55


vickyjake2014 Mon 25-May-15 15:14:04

That's my belly now at 3 weeks

vickyjake2014 Tue 26-May-15 18:47:32

Hi girls I been docs today and yes I'm pregnant 3 weeks and 5 days I'm so happy

vickyjake2014 Wed 27-May-15 20:47:53

It's a yes x

KeepingKate Thu 28-May-15 07:15:19

Congratulations Vicky!

RainbowFlutterby Thu 28-May-15 07:18:31

grin flowers

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