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feeling fat

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jinna Mon 22-Apr-02 16:17:04

I am 37 weeks pregnant and feeling big but content. But i have just come back from a walk with my son and overheard some teenagers having a laugh at my size - she must be having triplets - or maybe she is fat - anyway I am usually very strong but i felt lousy. I have put on a lot of weight - just over 1 and half stones may be 2 - but i have kept active - walking every day. Any words of encouragement would help.

sister Mon 22-Apr-02 16:27:24

Don't listen to stupid comments. You are doing well to stay active. I put on 3 stone with my second and managed to loose most of it afterwards although I've still got a bit of a flabby belly!
You haven't got long to go now and remember your hormones are flying about all over the place so just ignore stupid comments.

Kyliebump Mon 22-Apr-02 17:00:02

I'm 39.5 weeks pregnant and have put on nearly 3 stone - I think my most depressed moment was when I got out of a lift and two women announced that there would be enough room for both of them in the space that I had left!!! As Sister said, you are doing really well to keep active, so try and ignore the stupid comments!!

SueDonim Mon 22-Apr-02 17:05:12

1.5 - 2st is brilliant! Just try and remind yourself that teenagers are notoriously thoughtless and it would have been a throwaway remark. Good luck when the baby arrives.

Demented Mon 22-Apr-02 20:03:32

jinna, 1.5 to 2 stone is nothing when you consider how much of that is baby, amniotic fluid, extra blood, placenta, etc, etc. People seem to think you being pregnant is licence to make all sorts of comments. I am currently 33.5 weeks pregnant and am quite proud of my bump, like you have been keeping active (although haven't dared go near the scales) and my nice round bump seems to attract all sorts of comments, wish I could say it was just teenagers, I have had a few comments to the effect of 'are you sure it's just the one', 'you'll never go another seven weeks, you can't get any bigger'. I know it's hard with the hormones etc but I think you just have to laugh these comments off. Have to say the most upsetting comment I have received has been from my mum who said that my bum was looking quite big, she has since revised this comment but I can't help but feel paranoid now. Baby is going to come out but a big bum is going to need some extra work at the gym!!!

WideWebWitch Mon 22-Apr-02 22:13:58

Jinna, I've put on 2 stone in the last year and I'm NOT pregnant!! Console yourself with the thought that I can't give birth to mine, I have to stop eating and sweat it off

SueW Tue 23-Apr-02 00:50:40

Jinna, don't worry.

I've lost five stone in the past 12 months and I am not pregnant. I am a very respectable weight and a healthy BMI and fat ratio.

Last week I was chatting to a mixed group of people, some of whom are expecting babies and some of whom aren't and one of the husbands asked me when I was due! Since I am confident I don't look pregnant, I assumed it was my ease of chatting about pregnancy to people and my attire (baggy jumper and jeans) which had thrown him off.

Ignore those remarks. Stuff 'em. * They * won't be awake worrying about them tonight. They'll be more concerned about their teenage spots/acne and the hormones that are racing through their own bodies causing all sorts of strange and embarassing things to happen.

jasper Tue 23-Apr-02 03:00:35

You were WALKING at 37 weeks?
I could barely hobble.
Next time teenagers make a comment about your size, go and sit on them.
Seriously, two stones is nothing to worry about.
Good luck with the baby, - any day now.

jinna Tue 23-Apr-02 09:39:29

Thanks for all your messages - especially Jasper - the thought of sitting on those teenagers made me laugh!!!!
I am cross at myself for letting such remarks get to me - it must be all those hormones making me feel over sensitive. Anyway I'm feeling better today and can't wait to have my baby - soon I hope!!!! Thanks again.

Joe1 Tue 23-Apr-02 11:06:38

Jinna Iam just over 4 months and am already round. Not a huge bump but bits have gone round, my arms, legs, bum and face. I feel a frump already, but my hubby loves the way I look when Im pregnant and Im doing something amazing and growning a little person so I dont let it bother me. Anyway we will all look brilliant when we have lost our pregnancy weight, eventually

MBB Tue 23-Apr-02 14:27:50

I'm 34 wks and have put on between 1 and 1.5 stones. I started getting a sharp stabbing pain in my back on Saturday which got worse over the next couple of days. I went to the doctors this morning and was told the extra weight of my bump has stretched the ligaments in my back and theres nothing to do but take paracetamol and wait till the baby arrives. I feel really annoyed with myself as I thought I was doing well and hadn't put that much weight on but it seems I'm a complete fat pig and cant support my own weight anymore! My mother had convinced me I was 'built for breeding' (ie, large hips and 'sturdy'(!) legs) but apparently not! Anyway, the bump is fine and kicking like a mad thing so I suppose I'm doing something right.
Does it get really difficult in the last couple of weeks, in terms of staying active? I really don;t know what to expect, as is first baby.

Tillysmummy Tue 23-Apr-02 14:32:51

I think it depends. I was swimming loads everyday up to and on the day I gave birth !

Demented Wed 24-Apr-02 09:17:28

If it makes anyone feel better my bump has just reached new proportions and I am not used to them yet. The bump is very much out the front and now if DS (aged 3) is standing just to the side of me and I turn round too quickly I bop him on the head with it! To which he usually turns round and glares at me (don't think he quite understands it either). I was trying to nip past someone the other night (fairly crowded room) and I bumped somebody's bum with it, they then turned round and gave me an odd stare. If it gets much bigger over the next six weeks I think I will be joining MBB, starting to wonder how much larger I can get without toppling over!!

Joe1 Wed 24-Apr-02 10:20:19

Demented you had me giggling can just imagine your ds going round with a cycle helmet on already for another bump

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