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gestational diabetes

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mummyneedinganswers Fri 22-May-15 16:46:54

Had bloods done at my booking scan on Tuesday and a midwife has just rang me to say the blood sugar one has came back abnormal and they think I have gestational diabetes. Has anyone had this before and it come back that u don't have it she's gave me an appointment for next week to go in for the full test just concerned now sad

mummyneedinganswers Fri 22-May-15 20:33:01

I have been ferry faint and tired and constantly thirsty past few days startingbto really worry xxx

bunny85 Fri 22-May-15 23:09:06

Haven't got any experience of this myself, but hopefully someone else will come along who can be of more help. Just wanted to wish you good luck!

seamistbythesea Sat 23-May-15 06:17:47

Do a search on here for gestational diabetes support and you will find a huge thread which is really worth reading, sorry don't know how to link

purplebiro Sat 23-May-15 19:13:58

Surprised by this - I didn't know they could/would diagnose from a single blood test unless you were told to fast before the appointment - were you? - otherwise there's nothing stopping you from chowing down a whole packet of Haribo before you went in there and that would give anyone, including a non diabetic, a fairly alarming reading.

purplebiro Sat 23-May-15 19:35:21

Sorry - will try and be more helpful:

In my experience if they are properly worried about you with anything to do with GD and potential effect on the baby they will fast track you so the fact that they're not doing that would indicate that your reading wasn't too alarming. There's a reason that the GD test is only given as standard (to higher BMI women) at around 26 weeks - before then, even if it is missed on urine/blood tests (mine was) then it is unlikely to have any negative effect on the baby. Try to eat sensibly (low/no carbs) in the run up to your appointment but don't worry too much about the delay.

If it turns out you do have GD then definitely check out the thread on here but it really isn't the end of the world - it is very easily controlled with a diet that will mean you will barely gain any baby weight and - if that fails - medication. I have quite a severe case (actually suspect I was diabetic before pregnancy but that remains to be seen) and am on insulin but even that is not to onerous on me and the baby has been scanned very regularly to check on her size and has been dead on exactly where she should be for a "standard" pregnancy and that's the case for most women - you will be extremely well cared for!

It limits delivery options slightly, but only in that you will be induced at 40 weeks (if you get that far - I am currently 38 weeks and being given regular sweeps to try and avoid induction) and are unlikely to be "allowed" a home birth (although you still have the right to give birth wherever you chose, no matter what they may tell you!) but unless you are on heavy heavy insulin dosages (very unlikely) you will not be on any more interventions/drips etc for delivery than you would do otherwise.

Post birth, the baby will be monitored for around 24 hours to make sure he or she isn't suffering any glucose lows or highs (very very unlikely if you have been controlling your blood sugars) and that's that - you will almost definitely go back to normal within 6 weeks and will have another GTT to confirm that. As for all the scare stories about GD and childhood obesity - they are just that - there are far far greater risk factors for childhood obesity - some of which correlate with GD but a healthy mother with a good attitude to food who had GD is far, far less likely to have an obese child than one who didn't have GD but eats rubbish - correlation is not causation!

Hope that helps - I know all this because my consultant is GREAT and takes time to answer all my questions honestly - if you need one I hope you get the same and don't be afraid to ask anything!

mummyneedinganswers Sat 23-May-15 21:33:28

Before they done the blood test they found very high traces of sugar in my urine and that's y they pressed for the blood to be urgent she said that the blood glucose testcame back abnormal and gave me an appointment for the 8th to get my fasting bloods but when the first bloods had been taking I had fasted not intentionally tho I just wasn't feeling well and hadn't ate fromthe night before so they were concerned and she said that its highly likely that I have gd due to the results

Catypillar Sat 23-May-15 21:49:28

I have GD, diagnosed at 28 weeks, I'm now 36 weeks. I've found this Facebook group very helpful particularly for diet advice. I'm on metformin and insulin and a strict diet and have had lots of extra appointments and some extra scans. My initial fasting result was just borderline- I'm glad they didn't do the test a week or two earlier as it would probably have come back normal and I wouldn't know about any of this- but after a few days of monitoring I found a lot of high readings. With the diet and medication I have kept my sugars under very good control and all my scans have been fine showing the baby to be growing perfectly (uncontrolled GD can cause the baby to get too big because of excess sugar in the blood, or less commonly too small because of the placenta not working). It's all very scary at first but it's something that can be controlled. If you have Facebook I'd advise you to join that group- they have lots and lots of information about all aspects of GD. You may feel better if you change to a GD diet now rather than waiting for your test next week.

mummyneedinganswers Sat 23-May-15 22:40:44

Thank you catypillar I know a lot about diabetes as partner is a type 1 diabetic but the midwife said gd is slightly different I have been monitoring blood sugars already with his meter and are rising after meals so I'm drinking loads of water and I have a good diet anyway because of his needs. I'm just concerned when partner was born he was 9lb 4 so I'm scared of baby's size and I'm concerned that maybe I've had the diabetes before I was pregnant as there's been a few occasions before pregnancy when blood sugars have dropped quite low and risen quite high. I just never expected this I have hyperemesis and have done from 5 weeks and I now this on top of it all just feel like I'm falling apatt, before this pregnancy I've had 4 mc and I knew pregnancy is hard but I never expected to be this miserable and sick when I finally fell pregnant again x

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