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PUPP / PEP @ 18 / 19 WKS

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gingerbreadmam Fri 22-May-15 13:57:57


Anyone any experience with PUPP / PEP in pregnancy? I have developed a prickly red rash over my bump a few days ago. Seeing practice nurse tonight but trying to arm myself with info as it seems not much is know about this condition.

I cant be sure thats what i have, seems a bit too early and having google imaged my rash looks nowhere near as agressive as what ive seen on there but the symtoms certainly sound similar.

Spoke to epu they think heat rash but tbh in rarely ever hot and certainly not sweaty so dont think its that. I am wondering if it is an allergic reaction as ive had them before and does look similar however i am not using anything new.

Ive read about the liver thing (cant remember the name) but fortunately doesnt sound like its that.

Any thoughts?

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