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Pregnancy or hormones messed up?

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loveclouds Fri 22-May-15 12:58:08


I am a little confused and bit concerned with whats going on with my body. We are not TTC but we don't use contraception so there is always a possibility anyway even though we have been too busy to have sex but sure we have in last month ;)

My last period came when due but was brown for a couple of days and slowly turned more red but then reduced to nothing only about three days of bleeding but it was more than a show but much less than a normal period.

I have had a few dizzy moments and feel so exhausted I had to actually get into bed yesterday at 5pm. Luckily DH was home so could cook.

Tea has been tasting a little funny too although wine tastes normal and normally when pregnant I cant drink it.

I am wondering if i could be pregnant even if I bled? When I read about implantation bleeding it sounds much lighter to what I had.

My periods have been getting lighter in the last year so wondering too if its just my hormones. But worried how tired I feel in the last few days.

I am going to go buy a test tomorrow and see.

If anyone else has experienced the above I would be very interested.

Thanks x

LorryHen Fri 22-May-15 13:05:27

The only way to know is to test! I missed a period, did a clearblue digital not expecting anything and it came up that I was over 6 weeks pregnant.

Turns out what I thought was a light period the month beforewas actually implantation bleeding and I was 8 weeks.

If you've had sex without protection then you probably are pregnant. This is exactly how it happened to me and I was still massively shocked when I saw the test!

Good Luck x

loveclouds Fri 22-May-15 13:10:49

Thanks LorryHen

I also forgot to mention that I feel like I am going to come on my period you know that feeling?

DH and I have had hardly had sex lately due to busy lives and going to bed far too late with work but I know we have... terrible really!

I have not been on here for so years and today I just thought why am I ignoring the fact that I could be.

LorryHen Fri 22-May-15 13:16:21

Like cramps and heaviness down there? It could be period or pregnancy, I still get that feeling and I'm 18 weeks haha.

I think I totally ignored the fact I might be pregnant for a few weeks too because I wasn't using contraception for months and nothing had happened yet.

Like I said it could really be either but I hope you get the result you want. If it is positive then I can relate to how you might be feeling!

Let me know how you get on smile x

loveclouds Fri 22-May-15 13:28:32

Yes its like period crampy feeling...

But I do know when I was ttc a few years back I had EVERY symptom of pregnancy under the sun and was not pregnant. But I am not ttc now and this tiredness has taken me by surprise.

I live in the middle of nowhere so can't just pop to a shop.

I think I would be really shocked and husband too especially as it would have been a lucky sperm! I love babies and would always welcome another easily even though I have got rid of every single baby item. Our youngest is now at school.

Husband would be upset I think for a bit but he adores babies and only last week said he feels sad we have moved on now... maybe not then ;)

loveclouds Fri 22-May-15 22:52:50


loveclouds Sat 23-May-15 21:37:47

Hi Lorryhen
I bought a double Tesco pack and both neg so I think a trip to the gp is in order as this tiredness and lower tummy cramps are not going

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