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Baby turned from head down to breech at 35 weeks

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wowiesis111 Wed 20-May-15 08:21:50

I'm just after some feedback of your experiences.
First born was transverse until I think 36-37 weeks but had been that way for quite some time.
This one has been a real wriggler. Honestly it's been unreal. Anyway I experienced something horrendous the other day ( someone walked out in front of my car- luckily I stopped in time) and think that as a result of the stress/adrenaline etc baby moved ... I suddenly felt kicks or pinches in the middle of my tummy ( instead of previously at the side) and had a head sized lump at my top right side.
Had midwife confirm he's now breech.

It's really uncomfortable.
Midwife said to swim and sit forward or on gym ball to encourage him but after being told I had a low lying placenta ( and thinking if need a c section) , that moved so was back in track to a normal vb. then told baby was small, then apparently he was big- during the last scan they mentioned he was head down ( only last week) but now he has moved and be totally breech!
I'm so upset/stressed. Due to an emergency during labour first time around I was robbed of the peaceful and beautiful moment when u give birth and they hand u your newborn. Instead I was whisked off to recovery and handed my son half hour later.
I really wanted to have that this time and unless baby moves it's likely I'll have to have a c section.

How likely is he to move at this stage from full breech?

AbbeyRoadCrossing Wed 20-May-15 08:34:15

I thought they moved right up until they end with second and later pregnancies? My first wasn't head down until 35 weeks and no one was worried! I guess you'll have another scan on your placenta soon anyway so unless that is over 2cm clear at 36 weeks you'll be probably having a c section

mrsnec Wed 20-May-15 08:44:34


My dd was transverse then breech. I was due to have an elcs at 39 weeks but had an emcs when I went in for my pre op assessment at 38+5.

She turned into the fully engaged position between me being prepared for surgery and actually being on the table!

My point being not that you'll have another c section at all but that in my experience they can turn at any time. I swam a lot in pregnancy too.

wowiesis111 Wed 20-May-15 09:33:59

Sorry I forgot to add my placenta has moved so that's one good thing and whilst I was in the emergency too ready to have a c section dosed up with a spinal I was fully dilated so was able to push ( well just about given all I could feel was my head) so didn't actually have a c section bit had to go to recovery after due to he drugs and spinal etc. )

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