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I can't stop eating

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MammyPig89 Tue 19-May-15 17:42:44

In my first pregnancy I put on 4 stone! I started out at 8st 9 after dieting and losing 6 stone in a year. As soon as I got pregnant I thought "woo hoo an excuse to eat what the hell I want and not worry" BIG MISTAKE! DS is now 9 months and I've got down to 9st 9 so still a stone heavier than first pregnancy, I'm now 8 weeks pregnant with second and vowed to eat healthier and try not to put on so much weight but I just can't do it! I'm finding it impossible, I've been exhausted and starving since day 1 and all I want to do is eat, I'm constantly hungry and not hungry for healthy stuff! I really need some willpower, I don't want to put 4 stone on again especially when I'm starting off a stone heavier this time sad any tips? Apart from sewing my lips together and not filling my face with crap? blush

sophiaslullaby Tue 19-May-15 18:29:48

Try not to see it as one big picture, like "i must only eat healthy stuff" as that gets boring very quickly! Don't buy or keep sweets, biscuits (unless ginger/digestives for sickness...?) desserts in the house -that will help so then all there is in the house is healthier food from the get go.
Accept that you will need slightly more food and will gain weight as stressing about it wont make you any happier.
When hunger strikes drink glass of water first (helps with maintaining fluid levels too!) and then if still actually hungry not just picky then have a cracker and cottage cheese or small bowl of cereal.

Does any of that sound ok? I eat constantly all day at work but then can't when im home in the evening and tired. Just trying to take healthier stuff to work -i can't eat haribo if i dont take it to work!

TakesTwoToTango Tue 19-May-15 18:47:12

Oh poor you, it's miserable to feel you are fighting it the whole time (and well done on your amazing weight loss x2!). First off, don't be too hard on yourself or set unrealistic expectations that just set you up to feel bad. Second, as much as nausea permits, try to make a significant proportion of every meal or snack vegetables (they can be delicious - try different types, pickles, with chutney, low fat dressing, cottage cheese etc). That way you get to eat as much and whenever you want and get that full feeling, but without the guilt, without too many unnecessary calories and with the added benefit that everything you are eating is stuffed full of great nutrients to benefit your baby.

sparkdoor Tue 19-May-15 18:54:35

I also put on four stone during my first pregnancy. Started off at around 8, so that was impressive. I did lose it all within a few months, but I was only nineteen and it took no effort! I'm currently seventeen weeks and needing to eat far more frequently and more calories than you're advised to. I've stopped beating myself up over it, I attempt to eat fairly healthy stuff and don't keep many snacks such as biscuits and cakes in the house anyway. The way I see it is that my body is telling me I NEED to eat when I start going shaky and feel like I might faint. I'm not stuffing my face whenever I feel like it, but trying to stick to the calorie information I've been given would result in me passing out! So yeah, my plan is to just eat when I feel I need to, but make sure it's not just junk. I have already resigned myself to the inevitable weight gain.

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