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20 week scan

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scarednoob Mon 18-May-15 18:58:11

we had our 20 week scan today, and thank goodness all looks well. i have to go back next week for the final box to be checked, because the baby simply refused to turn over for the facial profile picture. i was tipped upside down and on my side; given icy cold water; sent for a 20 minute walk in the rain - but that baby remained adamant.

still, the sonographer said it all looked fine, he just wants to make 100% certain, so i am a lot happier/less nervous than i was. i know a few other ladies had their anomaly scans around the same time as me, so just wanted to say, thinking of you all, and hoping everyone's goes well.

also found out what we are having - a baby girl!!!

crispiecrunchie Mon 18-May-15 19:13:09

I had mine today as well and everything was fine! So pleased. It's dc2 and we found out last time do wanted a surprise! I have a 20 month girl and we are genuinely not bothered which sex baby is

plonkie Mon 18-May-15 19:39:27

Congratulations both of you! Had mine today and everything also seems fine. Having a baby boy! :-). He was also in a awkward position so we almost had to come back but luckily they were able to finalise it today :-). It's a big relief to hear from them that things seem ok. Nerve wracking stuff xx

lauraa4 Mon 18-May-15 20:00:12


I had my 20 week scan a couple of weeks ago smile we're having a boy

scarednoob Tue 19-May-15 08:37:09

Hoorah so happy for everyone!

I admire your restraint crispie - my poor OH really didn't want to know and now he's mingled between really happy and a bit sad that the surprise is gone.

bunny85 Tue 19-May-15 10:37:35

Congratulations ladies, really good news! We had our first ever scan yesterday (13 weeks) and all looks good too! The baby however was in the unbelievable position, sitting up and curled like a prawn, so couldn't be measured despite me having been sent for a walk three (!) times. At the end of it all the sonographer said he stack his tongue at us! Lol

Feeling you can't describe! I haven't slept for two nights though - one night before the scan as was too nervous, and the night after as was too excited! grin

KiwiLemon Tue 19-May-15 12:22:45

Quick question about 20 week scan do you still need a really full bladder?

lauraa4 Tue 19-May-15 12:24:47

No I don't think so. They didn't tell me to have a full bladder.

scarednoob Tue 19-May-15 12:25:56

think it depends on the equipment, but most hospitals you don't - I didn't. maybe just give your hospital a call and check??

plonkie Tue 19-May-15 12:26:56

Yay congratulations everyone! Kiwi, NHS website states that bladder needs to have some water in it but not to the point where it's uncomfortable for you x

KiwiLemon Tue 19-May-15 12:33:05

Thanks for the swift replies! Thank god it was unbearable at 12 week one! X

crispiecrunchie Tue 19-May-15 12:37:48

Depends on hospital! I didn't need a full bladder at 12 week. In fact I was sent to the toilet to empty it!

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