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Bashed bump into chest of drawers

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sarah00001 Mon 18-May-15 12:54:24

Hi, I'm probably worrying uneccessarily here. Last night I accidently bumped into the corner of a chest of drawers and hit my bump. Part of my baby had been sticking out - could have been the head or possibly her bum, and I hit the chest of drawers on the exact spot. It hurt me a little and felt sore after.

I've been a bit worried in case this may have hurt my baby. I know she must be well cushioned in there, but the bit of my baby that was sticking out, felt so close to the surface of my skin. She's been moving normally since.

Does anyone think this is cause for concern? Thank you.

sarah00001 Mon 18-May-15 12:54:51

I forgot to add that I'm almost 34 weeks.

youlemming Mon 18-May-15 13:26:24

I would say baby is fine, it would hurt you more than baby due to the tissue and water between.
Just think about the force the midwifes have to use to feel where baby is, I know that's quite uncomfortable for me but they wouldn't do it like that if it was harmful.

S2b16 Mon 18-May-15 13:30:10

Unless your blood group is rhesus negative I think you'd be ok. Would need anti d injection if we're rh neg. but me being the worrier I am, I would Prob ring the day unit for advice but if baby is active and no bleeding im sure she'll be fine x

Emz1989 Tue 19-May-15 11:17:19

I was going to say the same as s2b16... A recent bump on a door handle meant a trip to the triage for me, but that's because I'm Rh neg and had to have anti-d. Otherwise I don't think they'd be too concerned - but I always think its better to be safe than sorry and I'd give them a ring if it's worrying you x

sarah00001 Tue 19-May-15 12:48:21

Thanks everyone for your replies, as the baby has been moving quite a bit I have felt reassured, but I will still ask the midwife. My blood group is A+.

Kind regards, Sarah

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