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Nun theory and skull theory

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Siobhan17 Mon 18-May-15 12:33:13

Would love to know what everyone thinks my 3rd little pea is going to be
Iv only just heard about these theory's and I haven't got a clue what to look for
We have 2 girls already and this is our very last baby

stateoftheart Mon 18-May-15 12:40:43

i have never heard about theories???

Grantaire Mon 18-May-15 12:46:46

I can't see a nub and don't know much about skull theory. There aren't many MNers who are experts on nub/skull theory. There are some though if you wait. Have you tried the in-gender forum?

Congratulations on your last baby.

Siobhan17 Mon 18-May-15 12:48:00

Something to do with a nub you can see on a scan picture before 20 weeks indicates if it's a boy or girl
And shape of the skull

DaysAreWhereWeLive Mon 18-May-15 12:48:03

My theory is that nuns don't tend to have babies.


stateoftheart Mon 18-May-15 12:49:33

I just read it up. I am saying boy smile

Siobhan17 Mon 18-May-15 12:50:36

Haha yeah typo

Hottiesteph1985 Sun 15-May-16 13:52:54

Hi I've been told about this nub theory and wonder what every thinks on what I'm having?? As I'm confused lol xxx

1moretime Sun 15-May-16 18:04:56

Hi hun. There is a group on Facebook called strictly nubs they are experts. I love browsing through to see what they predit & then people post back once they have found out smile
Good luck hun.

Hottiesteph1985 Sun 15-May-16 19:14:44

Yes I've like that and put pic up one girl said girl an other said boy think my baba confused 😂😂😂 xxx

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