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BFP! Anything i need to know?

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Runningupthathill82 Sun 17-May-15 22:22:43

Absolutely over the moon as, after a few months of trying, got my BFP today.
I want to tell the world but won't be telling anyone aside from DH til after the first scan, which is going to be tough. Anyway!

Just wondering what I need to know. DS is two now - can I follow the same advice I followed when pg with him?
Or have the nhs changed their minds and decided rare steak, blue cheese and rioja are all fine?! (crosses fingers).

I did go on their website and couldn't see anything obvious, but any advice from someone pregnant and with a toddler would be good. Have the midwives changed the advice since 2012?!

Nottalotta Mon 18-May-15 04:44:06

I'm pregnant with #1 so not sure about advice changing but am sure my MW mentioned that advice in alcohol and caffeine had changed - i am limining caffeine as drank way too much pre pregnancy. And have cut all alcohol out (again, drank way too much!)

I was pleased to discover nuts were fine!

Congratulations btw!

rootypig Mon 18-May-15 04:55:42

I think rare steak, blue cheese and rioja have all always been fine, in moderation!

The main change I think has been the whooping cough vaccine - you should be offered it now.


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