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ELCS 3 weeks tomorrow. Freaking out.

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Rebecca1608 Sun 17-May-15 22:04:20

I am shitting myself. This pregnancy hasn't exactly been plain sailing (first pregnancy- expecting twins) but even though i'm 33 weeks i've not really thought much about the birth. Now it's getting closer i can't sleep and just feel really anxious. I have lost my appetite and am dreading my pre op 2 weeks next Friday. The pregnancy wasn't planned but i knew i always wanted kids eventually and thought i'd be a good mum as i do love kids (my sister has 2) but now i worry about if i'm not going to be good as i've obviously got no experience at some of the stuff.

I know i'm having a last minute panic is this normal? Or just me.

BifsWif Sun 17-May-15 22:11:41

It's completely normal don't worry! I'm sure you'll be a fabulous mum, I remember feeling the same and thinkI'm doing ok.

Can you download some relaxation apps to listen to when you're feeling particularly stressed?

Do you know the sex of your twins or is it a surprise?

Rebecca1608 Sun 17-May-15 22:30:26

It just seems to have come round so quick the last couple of weeks have flown or maybe it's only the last couple of weeks i've really thought about how my life is going to change massively in the next month. Downloading apps is a good shout it might help. I'm having identical girls. smile

BifsWif Sun 17-May-15 22:38:49

It will change beyond recognition, but in the most amazing way.

My little girl was due today and still no sign, I have an appointment with my consultant tomorrow to get an induction date and like you, I think when I have a date that it's actually happening I'll start to panic, even though this is my second.

Try to eat well, rest when you can and not panic too much. You'll be fine smile

Catypillar Sun 17-May-15 22:49:10

You'll be great- I had no idea about looking after babies when DS was born (apart from what I learned at medical school- so I could diagnose chicken pox and pick up a heart murmur, but had never changed a nappy!) but you learn it all really quickly. DH was terrified to pick DS up for the first 24 hours, by the time we'd been home an hour he was carrying him about the house like he'd been looking after babies for years. You'll know so much more than we did from looking after your sister's kids.

My ELCS is the same day! This is my second baby but first CS. Have assisted at loads though and the team always made a big effort to keep the mum calm and make it a good experience for her.

Rebecca1608 Mon 18-May-15 19:44:57

Bet you're excited to get your date Bifswif smile I slept a bit better last night so maybe i just need to calm down a bit.
Thanks Catypillar i'm sure we will get the hang of it i'm sure there's stuff no one really knows until the time comes. I'm glad you mentioned the team try and keep the mum calm i need it lol. Good luck with your ELCS grin

BifsWif Tue 19-May-15 13:50:11

They're taking me in on Friday - excited to have a date but very nervous!!

Glad you slept a bit better smile

Rebecca1608 Tue 19-May-15 18:22:08

Aaaahh that's really close. How exciting grin good luck smile x

BifsWif Tue 19-May-15 19:12:45

Thank you! smile

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