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sususubee7 Sat 16-May-15 10:26:13

I've just found out I'm preggers (5wks), we are so excited but this morning I realised I'm supposed to running a half marathon in September. This is a problem as I've been mentoring my dearest friend into running it as its a huge goal for her. Now I'm going to have to let her down. I just don't think I can maintain the training and run 13miles with how tired I am. Would it put a risk to baby's health? Has anyone run whilst 5months? Should I just walk it?

cattlepr0d Sat 16-May-15 13:14:15

I ran a half at 18 weeks, it took me about half an hour longer than it would have normally. I don't think I would have wanted to go that far much later on though.

I found that I was OK for normal training until 9ish weeks but after that slowed and cut back quite a lot.

I'm almost 6 months now and am OK running 3 times a week up to 10k. From what I've been told running while pregnant does absolutely no harm to the baby and could possibly be beneficial.

You will know in yourself how much you can or can't do. I've just played the whole thing by ear. If your friend is a bit slower than you it might be a good training partner for you.

You could do one or two runs a week with her for as long as you're able. I found I prefer running with someone rather than on my own while I've been pregnant. Making a date and trying to stick to it got me out of the door and going for a run on days when I would have been tempted to sit on the sofa, and every time I felt better for having gone out.

I told my training buddy early on in the pregnancy though (he was actually the first person I told!) so he knew if I did blow him out at last minute or if I felt unwell on a run then there was a good reason for it.

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