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Vacancy for my maternity leave cover

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BoogieBean Fri 15-May-15 15:08:15

I've also posted this in the Employment issues section...

...My last day at work will be 3rd July as I will be taking a months annual leave before my maternity leave officially starts. I currently do a job share, so I am working 3 days a week and my colleague also works 3 days a week (There are 3 of us on the reception desk on Wednesdays), and our job title is Part-time Receptionist. My colleague has recently told our manager that she will like to drop to 2 days a week, commencing 1st August which my manager has agreed.

The vacancy for my position has recently been uploaded, and was advertised as 'Part-time Receptionist' working 3 days a week (Fine, as that's what I currently do). However, now the advert has changed to 'Hospitality Assistant' working 4 days a week??

Nothing has been said to me regarding any details of my job changing, so are they allowed to advertise my position like this, as this is not my job title nor the amount of days that I work? I thought when someone goes on maternity leave their job was meant to stay the same or they had to come back under the same conditions as when they left or am I wrong??

I hope any of you lovely people can help shed some light on this.


happygojo Fri 15-May-15 15:41:41

Have they advertised it as maternity cover? if so it might be dodge, if it is a new position that might include covering for you then I think it is ok??

AbbeyRoadCrossing Fri 15-May-15 15:44:06

Is there a job description advertised and is that the same as yours? I had similar but as they'd changed the role 'by less than 10%' it was deemed ok. I'm not sure about the hours thing though, I'm pretty sure they have to let you come back on the same terms and conditions. Maternity action have a helpline that are really good if you need.

Unthoughtknown Fri 15-May-15 17:16:48

I think its fine as long as you are able to return on the exact same terms.

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