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cantthinkofaname87 Fri 15-May-15 12:22:56

Hi there, I'm currently 10+4 and symptoms seem to be easing a bit this week - feel less nauseous, boobs less sore, haven't been sick for a few days. Just wondering whether this is something to be worried about or whether it is normal!! Had an early scan two weeks ago and 12 week scan is two weeks today. After two early losses last year at 6+4 and 6+5 just looking for some reassurance. Thanks!

Rebecca1608 Fri 15-May-15 12:43:14

I think everyone is different but i think it's pretty normal. I found out i was pregnant when i was around 3-4 weeks pregnant and felt nauseous early on and had sore boobs backache felt tired etc it lasted until i was around 10/11 weeks then i had no symptoms. I'm now 33 weeks pregnant with twins.

Congratulations flowers

princessvikki Fri 15-May-15 12:43:20

i think its normal, morning sickness usually starts to ease about 14-16 weeks but everyones different. i wouldnt worry if i was you i would just enjoy not being sick while it lasts it might be back with a vengence soon.
In the first timester your body changes alot and it tends to settle down a but for the 2nd then back to feeling rubbish in the 3rd. hope that helps a bit smile

lemon101 Fri 15-May-15 13:13:00


I just went for my scan yesterday at 10 and 4 and had similar vague worries that my symptoms had eased off (probably had nothing at all for about 4 days). I'd googled and it is pretty common at this time in the pregnancy and as it turns out all was fine and the bean was kicking around quite happily. Then as it happened pretty much the minute I got back from the hospital I had sore boobs and felt sick again.

Things fluctuate quite a lot I think at this stage as the placenta takes over. Don't worry too much.

cantthinkofaname87 Fri 15-May-15 14:25:41

Thank you all!

Hotpotpie Fri 15-May-15 18:22:36

By then my symptoms were pretty much gone, they re emerged a few times but not as bad as early on

stacieg25 Sat 16-May-15 01:24:19

I'm 35 week +2 and having really painful pressure in my bum , been having it all day and now it's really hurting laid in bed , any ideas what it could be ??

cantthinkofaname87 Sat 16-May-15 15:05:49

So after worrying myself all week I went for a private scan today and all good and healthy! Hugely relieved I have to say and thanks all for the reassurance

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