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1 week left at work

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Stinkylinky Fri 15-May-15 09:06:45

Place your bets now on weather I can make it through without killing someone in a hormonal rage!

Anyone else really struggling?

I'm 32 weeks and work just seems to be sending me over the edge!

Christelle2207 Fri 15-May-15 09:19:04

Hang in there. I finished work at 36 weeks 4 weeks ago. I really was desperate. Anyway once I'd finished I felt the fog lifting almost immediately. Despite having a demanding toddler I've slept so much better since not having to worry about the stress of work and been so much happier generally. EDD is this weekend and only now am I getting keen for baby to make his appearance.

Number3cometome Fri 15-May-15 09:25:31

30+4, 8 weeks to go.

I will defo have killed someone by then.

Number3cometome Fri 15-May-15 09:25:46

Sorry 30+5 (that one day makes all the difference)

Stinkylinky Fri 15-May-15 09:35:37

Good luck Christelle, I hope little one doesn't keep you waiting too long flowers

Number3, ahh yes I'm actually 32+3! It's not helping that I'm training my cover and although she is lovely, she is completely computer illiterate and my patience is wearing thin oh and work haven't paid me my bonus angry

pinkie1982 Fri 15-May-15 10:19:23

Good luck!
I am 31+5 and leave work in two weeks but only in for 6 days over that time.
I am trying to train someone to take over my job and it's prooving pretty straining on my already short temper! LOL.

Stinkylinky Fri 15-May-15 10:28:59

Good luck Pinkie! I'm glad it's seems to be the norm to be this short tempered! It's only at work though, I'm like this amazingly chilled earth mother when I'm at home!

Number3cometome Fri 15-May-15 10:30:44

Well I hope your bonus is being paid soon!

My work are allowing me to leave early now and I have weekly ante natal and two weekly scans plus 2 weekly consultant appointments so it is breaking up the week a bit!

Nottalotta Fri 15-May-15 14:41:56

I came on to post about needing a break from work. 29 tomorrow and working til 38 before stopping. Really struggling - job is stressful, and i deal with difficult upset people and am just feeling too emotional.

sianihedgehog Fri 15-May-15 14:55:50

28 weeks here, 11 weeks to go and absolutely dying. Back hurts so much I might cry, and I've had whole weeks of being too hormonal to even think. sad sad

pinkie87 Fri 15-May-15 15:03:41

I'm only 25 weeks and want to go now!!! Well done you ladies for having made it so much further than me!

happygojo Fri 15-May-15 15:36:56

I am so over work..... now 27+4. I have 29 working days left, finishing on the 9th July which is in 55 days and I go to a 3 day week on the 15th June.... not that I am counting or anything

MrsPopple29 Fri 15-May-15 18:04:58

I'm 35 weeks tomorrow and also have one week to go before finishing work! Whilst I'm physically SO ready to stop (I'm a primary teacher and the size of a whale) I'm a little apprehensive about (potentially) having a month of doing absolutely nothing! Still, am getting increasingly irritated by people at work so it's probably best I stay at home by myself...

Jellybean2011 Fri 15-May-15 22:40:13

I'm a primary school teacher too and finish in a week. I can't wait but then I think about all of the work I have to get done before I finish and I could cry!! And they want me to do reports while I'm on maternity leave sad xx

pinkie1982 Fri 15-May-15 22:44:48

After posting this morning I then found out that the person I have spent two weeks training actually just got a different job and isn't going to be covering me at all!! Aaaggghhh!! Over the next two weeks I'm only in for 6 days too. I give up! Not worried, shit will hit the fan I'm sure but I will be at home by then with my phone on divert!

MrsPopple29 Sat 16-May-15 08:27:14

Jellybean, I have to write reports too, am desperately trying to finish them so I don't have to do them on maternity leave but it's not happening! Feel exactly the same about all the work I have to do... and we only just found out a couple of days ago who is taking over from me, so have all the handover stuff to sort out as well. Roll on Friday!!!

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