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Chicken pox and shingles...

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Chchchchanging Fri 15-May-15 08:51:02

Are at nursery
Ds 4 has had both but I'm 18 wks and worried, what are the risks and realistically there's nothing I can do to avoid exposure is there hmm
Not only that we're due on hols in 19 days...
Anyone had this is there anything I can do to minimise risk both for ds and me?

Lucked Fri 15-May-15 08:56:48

Have you had chickenpox? If so you should have immunity.

Chickenpox has an incubation period of up to three weeks and mostly spreads like a cold so it's very difficult to know if you are in the clear.

You can get chickenpox from shingles but if it can be covered and the sufferer washes their hands it is unlikely.

SoupDragon Fri 15-May-15 09:03:25

If your DS has had chicken pox with lots of spots he is unlikely to get it again.
If you have had chicken pox and did not catch it when your DS had it, it is unlikely yo will catch it from nursery.

AbbeyRoadCrossing Fri 15-May-15 10:27:08

It depends if you're immune or not, if you've not had it before they test at booking appointment, that's where my lack of immunity came up. On your notes it'll be VSV immunity. If you've never had it get to the doctor, there's something they give you, can't remember what it's called though, sorry!

Didyeaye Fri 15-May-15 10:30:31

Have you had chicken pox? If so you don't need to worry. My immunity wasn't checked at booking in but my DP had shingles when I was bout 17 weeks and hospital said risk of cross infection (even tho I hadn't had pox) was so low that they weren't even going to check it. Just said he should keep it covered and we shouldn't share a bed, towels etc. Give your midwife a call

Sanch1 Fri 15-May-15 10:49:59

If you've had it then there is no need to worry as you'll be immune. You also cannot catch shingles from shingles or chicken pox. Chicken pox lays dormant in you forever, and this can be activated to cause shingles. Shingles when pregnant is not harmfull to baby, I had it when pregnant. Someone who hasnt had chicken pox can catch it from shingles but it needs to be direct contact with the spots, its not air born.

NeuroticFox1 Fri 15-May-15 12:05:20

I was exposed to Chickenpox a few weeks ago, so Drs took a blood test to check my immunity. I would recommend you do this as if you're not immune they can still give you something to reduce the symptoms. Go get checked, the likelihood is you'll be immune and so won't need to worry. I was convinced I hadn't had it but tests showed I was immune.

Chchchchanging Fri 15-May-15 14:36:11

Thanks all
Had co when I was4, but will spk to dr about immunity test, didn't realise that was an option, definitely peace of mind so thank you

AbbeyRoadCrossing Fri 15-May-15 15:34:40

If you've had it you'll be immune I should think. I only got the immunity test because I hadn't had it and the midwife didn't believe me

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