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morning sickness help!!

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juniorbabybump123 Thu 14-May-15 14:31:15

I'm constantly feeling really sick ild rather be sick then feel as sick as I do any advice? Any would be grateful xx

Leviticus Thu 14-May-15 14:34:14

Tablets from your GP. They are safe and can take the edge off. I don't think there is much help to be found in the biscuit aisle, despite what people tell you.

It's the worst. You have my sympathy.

AmberLav Thu 14-May-15 14:42:29

Sleep as much as you can, drink as much water as your body will let you, keep some food in your tummy at all times. Try the sea-sickness bands, they help take the edge off.

I am currently getting up at 6.20am, getting the kids ready for nursery, then going back to bed for a nap at 7.45 to 9am, then going into work late. I figure 5 hours of good work is better than 7 hours of presenteeism, with no work being done as I'm feeling so crap...

Ginger doesn't help me, lemon makes me want to barf in pg... work out what works for you, which will be completely different to the next person!

I'm on the third go of ms, so now I know what keeps be sane for those hellish weeks! Just aim to survive!

Lilydreams Thu 14-May-15 14:46:09

Hope you feel better soon! No advice on how to stop the nausea but I remember saying I'd rather be sick than feel it- after vomiting continually from 6 weeks to 21 weeks I regretted saying that!!!

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