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Anyone else struggling with the basics at 37 weeks plus?

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BeforeIChangeMyMind Thu 14-May-15 10:16:43

I'm sitting here in tears because I struggled massively just taking my DS to his playgroup. It's less than a mile away and I have a car, it shouldn't be difficult!

I'm 37 weeks now and have to use crutches. DS is less co-operative lately as he seems unsettled by the baby on the way - of course we were late. Then I couldn't get him strapped in. Then I didn't feel like I could position myself safely in the car (short legs but big bump). Because we were late, there was nowhere to park where I had space to get out the drivers' door and had to climb out of the passenger side. Then DS wouldn't stay by the car while I got organised with all the bags and my crutches. Thankfully, one of the playgroup staff spotted us and came out to the car park to take DS inside.

Normally I would do the above multiple times a week without thinking anything of it. I'm usually pretty self sufficient and hate dreading something that is usually so straightforward. But if today is anything to go by, I think he'll have to give playgroup a miss unless I can get some help. sad

Anyone else finding basic stuff difficult in the latter stages?

ToddlingAlong1 Thu 14-May-15 10:24:39

I am only 35 weeks and suffering from SPD. Not on crutches, but a struggle to walk. Finding everything a huge effort now! Thankfully I don't have a little one to look after and have a very supportive OH. I am going to speak to consultant to see if I can be induced early as starting to feel depressed, due to constant pain and being house bound. (normally outdoors and active, type person). Sympathy is all I can offer.

BeforeIChangeMyMind Thu 14-May-15 10:43:50

Thanks ToddlingAlong flowers

I can manage indoors without my crutches but use them outside for extra stability, as I feel like I might fall over any time. Do you have the option of getting some, as it may help you to leave the house. Just walking along my street a bit often lifts my mood.

louiseee123 Thu 14-May-15 13:55:15

I'm definitely with you! I'm 36+3 and struggling, i have a 3 year old DS who has started playing up at nursery an at home generally not listening to anything anyone says and has started hitting! Dreading the next couple of weeks! Hugs! flowers

teejayem Thu 14-May-15 17:59:04

Oh OP I hear you! I'm 36+6 I've got horrid spd too, and the relaxin has got into ALL my joints, so I feel like I'm made of play doh. I fell over three times in the space of two days and thought I'd actually broken my ankle. Now I'm basically housebound, can't drive, and my back hurts so much if I try and go too far with my crutches. I am just so fed up of being stuck indoors, but I have the fear even with walking about the house in case I fall over again. Even bouncing on my ball hurts, and if I sit or lie down for too long getting up again is horrendous. I'm very lucky as this is my first and I don't have any other dcs to run around after, I am in awe of you ladies managing with kids!

Kmayher1 Fri 15-May-15 03:24:08

Hey all

Kmayher1 Fri 15-May-15 03:31:22

Hey all, I am 31weeks + 3 and just asked my doc to write a note to my work cuz I get so drained so easily. Seems like i need more calories now than before or I go down like rocket. Im finding it hard to get it in in the morning but if I don't I live to regret and get completely drained then starving , then I scarce down high calorie food so I can function. Is this happening to anyone else? I find that I need to eat a lot more now.

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