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Surprise pregnancy

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Woozlebear Thu 14-May-15 08:58:18

Period massively late, boobs have been agonisingly sore. Life is super stressful at mo (massive work stress plus house move that just fell through) so didn't really think about it, but a little voice at the back of my head made me go and buy a test. BFP!!! I was thinking I was doing the test just to check I wasn't pregnant!

It's not bad timing- we were going to start trying prob next year and we're late starters anyway (33 and DH is 43). But not ideal (house move chaos) but we're both happy.

But I have no idea what to do now!!!! I've done no reading or preparing. I've also not been taking any supplements, and I've been drinking (not drunk), but a glass and a half of wine on a few nights the last couple of weeks.

Oh my god. I'm still in shock grin as I said to DH it's about as likely as a pair of giant pandas getting pregnant, we've been DTD so rarely!

Drivingnovice Thu 14-May-15 09:01:20

Buy some folic acid and make an appointment with the midwife at your surgery.
Oo I wonder how many weeks you are ��

Woozlebear Thu 14-May-15 09:04:30

Yes, going to Boots and buy all the pregnancy supplements as soon as I can get there! And a digital test just to be sure!!

I literally can't remember when last period was. Been trying to rack my brains but life has been so stressful recently! How do they work it out if you can't remember?

Feel like an idiot teenager, not a 33 yo woman. I should know this stuff.

moonshine25 Thu 14-May-15 09:04:59

Congratulations Woozlebear!! I bet you're in shock! I found out I'm pregnant last weekend and I'm still in shock even though we were trying - think it takes a while to get used to....don't worry about not doing any reading, folic acid and vitamin D are the important thinks I think ��

Haha like a miracle conception then!!

Woozlebear Thu 14-May-15 09:05:52

Yes, going to Boots and buy all the pregnancy supplements as soon as I can get there! And a digital test just to be sure!!

I literally can't remember when last period was. Been trying to rack my brains but life has been so stressful recently! How do they work it out if you can't remember?

Feel like an idiot teenager, not a 33 yo woman. I should know this stuff.

moonshine25 Thu 14-May-15 09:07:41

Oh I have no idea! I'm sure the docs will have a way of working these things out though? I loved taking the clear blue digital one to see it pop up with pregnant!!

Woozlebear Thu 14-May-15 09:08:52

Congrats to you moonshine!! It is sooo weird isn't it?

Suddenly stuff starts making sense. I've had two massive crying fits in the last few days, and I NEVER cry. Dh also reminded me that at the weekend we were watching some little kids and I was talking about how cute they were (also very unlike me!) and then I said to him 'wow, weird, I think I'm actually getting broody'.

Hormones kicking in obviously!

juneau Thu 14-May-15 09:11:42

They'll give you a scan to check how far along you are - external to start with and then if they can't see anything they'll do an internal one.


Woozlebear Thu 14-May-15 09:13:38

Thanks Juneau. grin

Hophop987 Thu 14-May-15 09:19:09

Congratulations! If you can't remember the date of your last period they will most likely arrange a scan with EPU to find out the dates.

sianihedgehog Thu 14-May-15 14:03:09

Congratulations! I wasn't sure about my last period either, but as I was able to guess within about 2 weeks they just waited for my regular 12 week scan. Or would have, but I had some scares early on and had had four scans by the time I got to it!
As others have said, get your folic acid and start taking it now and make an appointment with your gp or midwife. Don't worry about the booze too much, there's no strong evidence of harm from very small amounts, and the embryo doesn't even share your blood supply in the very early days.

natjayne213 Thu 14-May-15 15:36:09

They can date scan you till about 20 weeks. Get a midwife appointment ASAP and then a scan. I was 30 weeks when I found out with my first. If they think you might be a late booker they tend to rush you through.

Hope all goes well smile

Woozlebear Thu 14-May-15 22:15:01

Well I've done a digital as well and got 3+ weeks! Have pregnacare supplements and a drs appt next Friday. Getting knocked up is definitely the way to get attentive service at my surgery. They were offering me phone consultations in the meantime and everything. I felt like I was being inappropriately laid back cos I was like 'nah, that's fine, I just need an appointment to, like, start arranging, um, whatever it is that I have to do.'

Apparently they can't do a dating scan tho- will have to refer me to a EPU at a hospital.

So now my question is- last week the purchase of our 25 year house fell through. Nice town, good commute. We have buyers on our house ready to exchange. We have another house lined up but it's in a small village with no facilities. The original house was small town- could walk to shops, library, drs etc. Easier commute. Feeling wobbly about moving miles to new area and small village while pregnant, but there's no other houses we want in the area.

Do we stay put in London for now? Dh and I both hate city life, we wanted to move our before we had kids. Our house is dark and poky and there's no green space within a nice walk. Maternity leave here would be grim for me, but I would have facilities and groups to join etc. Do we take the plunge and move to a village? I don't know!!!!!

LorryHen Thu 14-May-15 22:41:03


This happened to me and I was 8 weeks, makes the wait for the first scan go waaaay quicker!

mrstothemr Fri 15-May-15 05:42:46

If you like the village I would move there still... If you've already decided your current place wouldn't be great for kids, better to spend time settling in, getting to know other people in the area, pregnant women, mums...

Moving with a baby isn't the easiest, especially if it's to a totally new area. and the network you build before they're born is pretty invaluable. We moved to a new area when dh was just under a year, he had a difficult adjustment period and it's taken me 6 months to feel really settled in and that I've made proper friends locally.

You are going to need stuff to do though, bit of research should clarify that though (Church have baby groups, there will be a Surestart centre that covers the area, they've activities & support, and libraries hold info on classes too).

Good luck!

Woozlebear Fri 15-May-15 08:52:26

Mrs,yes I'm worried that we'll move just as I start making friends through antenatal classes etc.

Also what happens with dr/hospital etc if you move area while pregnant???

I've looked up and so far I can see there's a mobile sure start service covering the village, a toddler group and an infant school, and a nursery in the next village along.

We were sort of vaguely considering this stuff before but in such a vague way. This sure focuses the mind!

mrstothemr Sat 16-May-15 03:35:28

Moving hospitals etc isn't difficult I think, have you checked into how good the local hospital is there compared to where you are? The city v country hospitals friends have had have sometimes shown quite different experiences, but then facilities are probably more relevant (midwife led / policy on partners staying with you / birthing pool availability / labour suites / midwife care - some areas do care where you get the same midwife throughout). All depends on what you're looking for really. It's only a short experience but still smile

Great that you know about classes! Playgrounds / parks are pretty handy too, walking somewhere outside in a few mins can be a lifesaver. And generally places will offer paid classes too, baby massage etc, can be a good way to see a small group on repeat. Lastly, are you going to do an NCT course? They get v mixed reviews but in terms of meeting people going through the same thing they can be brilliant. There are 8 in my group and comparing notes at 2am with newborns, and the rest, was a very nice thing.

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