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really thick clear gelly

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mum2benicole Wed 13-May-15 23:14:11

I'm 39+3 weeks I'm sorry if I go into to much detail I'm just not sure what is happening,
Last week I started to get some greenish tinted mucus which I had checked and was told it was the "plug" coming away. Had nothing for a few days but todayi found a huge amount of the same type of thing but only this stuff is mega thick, I rang the midwife and she says it could be my body starting its self but I'm due to be induced tomorrow night how likely is it that I will goin to labor before they induce me ? I'm praying he comes tonight I'm so scared to be induced
Any advice would be great
Thanks in advice xx

cookiefiend Wed 13-May-15 23:24:57

No idea, but if it is any consolation I think if your body is starting and ready for labour I think induction is more likely to be sycessful. Some people just need the pesssery and their body takes over fairly quickly so it sounds like that might work for you.

Good luck- being induced really worried me, but it was ok. Hope everything goes well.

mum2benicole Wed 13-May-15 23:31:00

Thanks I didn't think of that. I hope it goes quick and I only need the pessery that would be great I wanted to go naturally but I have SPD and its really bad plus's they are saying he's going to rather big.
Thanks again xx

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