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Anyone else on maternity leave and going a bit cabin fever?

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avocadotoast Wed 13-May-15 11:58:24

I've been on maternity leave for 3 weeks now. I'm going nuts. Due on Saturday so hoping that baby makes an appearance soon!

Today I am going to tidy the kitchen, perhaps treat myself to a McDonalds for dinner (just to get outside!), and then spend the afternoon doing some batch cooking to stick in the freezer.

I also seem to be doing a lot of knitting... Because obviously this many cardigans is going to be so practical for a baby born this time of year! hmm

BeforeIChangeMyMind Wed 13-May-15 12:36:06

Yes, definite cabin fever here.

Have been on mat leave for over a month due to mobility issues. Have also picked up an injury which means I can only hobble about/use crutches. I'm 37 weeks today but hanging on (I hope) as my favourite midwife is on holiday all week. Feeling bad that I'm not doing better with DS (have some childcare) but sometimes a little pottering/tidying is all I can manage in the day before I have to give in and sleep.

It won't be long
It won't be long
It won't be long... (and, repeat)

BifsWif Wed 13-May-15 14:13:22

Me too, I'm due on Sunday.

There is literally no housework left to do, I'm fitting in a nap most days, I have books to read but seem to spend all day watching wedding dress programs on TLC blush

totallygone Wed 13-May-15 15:12:02

Due 31st but have been at home since the Dr signed me off at the beginning of March, which is a heck of a long time!
Sometimes feel as though all my life consists of at the moment is waiting for DP to get home from work so I can have some company! Going stir crazy here.

avocadotoast Wed 13-May-15 15:51:37

I feel like such a cabbage just sitting around all day! I know I'll be rushed off my feet once baby is here but I am so bored... Maybe I'll wash the baby's things again grin

BifsWif Wed 13-May-15 15:55:25

Do you all know what you're having? Is it first/second/tenth baby?

That is a long time totally! I've been off since the beginning of April, I had annual leave to use and took the opportunity to have easter half term off with my little boy.

avocadotoast Wed 13-May-15 16:20:14

First for me, don't know what we're having, so it is all very new for me!

BifsWif Wed 13-May-15 18:14:39

Ahh how exciting! smile

This is my second, we're having a little girl and I'm getting very impatient and desperate to meet her.

LizzyBennet1813 Wed 13-May-15 19:39:43

I've been off a week and one day and if I don't get out of the house I just sit around thinking about all the things I could/should be doing and eating!! I keep telling myself I'll be praying for moments like this in a few weeks time. I feel like I am wasting time though. I'm due 6/6/15, its my first & I don't know whether its a boy or girl. Good luck & congrats to all of you smile

BifsWif Wed 13-May-15 22:10:14

Congratulations to you too Lizzy, not long to go now!

comeagainforbigfudge Wed 13-May-15 22:20:12

Me! Been off on annual leave since start of April.

My place should be immaculate but I just keep putting things off til next day and having a nap/mn-ing/watching TV instead har har har

Wish I could knit! Never ever had the patience for it sad

ToriB34 Wed 13-May-15 23:03:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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