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Insomnia and breathlessness

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Mamamia321 Wed 13-May-15 03:00:54

I cannot sleep. Again! Have work tmrw. Am 31 weeks with third. Ds1,is 6 and ds2 is 2. Ds2 co sleeps and breastfeeds still which is draining.
I saw gp as breathless. Have lowish bp and iron. They r not worried but at night it is worse. Now even when ds2 asleep I am not. To add to it dh redundant and rubbish at nights like a zombie. Help!

Halleberry Wed 13-May-15 03:18:35

I'm 38 weeks and go for my ELCS tomorrow. And I thank the Lord for that because I can't sleep or breathe. It's a horrible feeling. Like baby is totally crushing my lungs. Even getting up
Off my sofa is a chore sad

Overtiredbackagain Wed 13-May-15 09:23:25

I'm 32+5 and sleep sitting as upright as I can because I get breathless. It definitely helps. Pregnancy is so glamorous! Hope you manage to get some sleep xx

Mamamia321 Wed 13-May-15 23:05:51

Aw thanks guys feel like. Am losing my mind. Had 3 hrs sleep last night then school run and full day at work. In bed dreading sleep as really cannot breathe properly. This is so my last baby bless her

upthewolves Thu 14-May-15 04:49:55

Hi OP, I am 28 wks and have had breathlessness too. Went for my 28wk appt yesterday and my iron is at 7, they said that low iron could be causing the breathlessness so I'm starting on extra supplements today. Up the iron in your diet and see if it helps?

I have been craving milk, yogurt and eggs since the start of my pregnancy... apparently these are all foods that inhibit the uptake of iron. Woops!

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