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Anyone fancy an "Oh holy fuck, I'm having twins" support group?

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GuybrushThreepwoodMP Tue 12-May-15 06:05:14

That's all- I'm 14 weeks. Would be nice to meet some others!

Spanglecrab Tue 12-May-15 06:19:21

We have boy girl twins aged 9 months and I'd be stocking up on sleep rather than posting a 6am!! Twins are so much fun but also really hard work!

Congratulations! flowers

GuybrushThreepwoodMP Tue 12-May-15 07:13:32

I've got a toddler and a job so no chance of stocking up on sleep at 6am!

Lemiis13 Tue 12-May-15 07:49:48

Yes!!! I'm 26wks pg with identical twins and also have a toddler, to say I'm bricking it is a bit of an understatement but I'm also very excited aswell.
Congratulations flowers grin

Rebecca1608 Tue 12-May-15 09:53:15

Yes! I'm 33 weeks pregnant with identical twins and shitting myself! Just under 4 weeks til my section grin very exciting though. Congratulations.

scarednoob Tue 12-May-15 09:54:40

i'm amazed by how many people on here seem to be having twins! congratulations all of you.

i would have liked ours to be twins, but the OH was hugely relieved that there was only one. spoilsport.

Lemiis13 Tue 12-May-15 10:13:35

When did you get given a date for your c-section?? I'm currently seeing my consultant every week and having weekly scans but we haven't really discussed birthing options. So I'm feeling a little unprepared.

Sleepybunny Tue 12-May-15 11:36:40

Can I just ask you ladies about bump size?

With my first I had nothing at all until 18 weeks. I'm now twelve weeks and have a bump that looks about the size I was at 20 weeks!! Scan is not until Thursday. Can't be twins can it!?

Rebecca1608 Tue 12-May-15 11:40:35

Around 2-3 weeks ago they said they would discuss birthing options with me at 32 weeks but i pointed out i saw my consultant fortnightly and after 31 weeks i wouldn't be seeing anyone until i was almost 33 weeks and i was told i'd be having them at 36 weeks and i said i wanted a plan incase i started any time. She gave me my date then... so 31 weeks maybe.

GuybrushThreepwoodMP Tue 12-May-15 11:42:01

sleepy I'm 14 weeks with no bump whatsoever, but everyone carries differently! I didn't really show until about 26 weeks with my first pregnancy.

Lemiis13 Tue 12-May-15 11:49:38

Thanks Rebecca I will give it a couple of more weeks before I ask about it then.
With regards to my bump I don't feel any bigger then what I was with my ds, but my symptoms are a lot stronger in this pregnancy .

Sleepybunny Tue 12-May-15 12:10:07

Thanks guybrush. It's got me a bit freaked out and paranoid! Running out of clothes to hide it.

I'll report back on Thurs!

Sleepybunny Tue 12-May-15 12:11:01

Thanks too Lemiis

123Jump Tue 12-May-15 12:15:15

I always like to pop this little nugget in here, to point out that someone always has it worse.
I know someone who had a 2yo, a 1yo, and then had triplets.
She survived! And apparently the 1yo was the one that was hard going. She used to pay the kids on the street 2p to push him up and down the road in his buggy.grin

Rebecca1608 Tue 12-May-15 12:18:31

This is my first pregnancy and i didn't have a bump til around 20/22 weeks. Now i am hugeeeeee! Like someone has put a beach ball up my top.

Yes it's definitely worth chasing it Lemiis good idea to have your plan together ASAP incase you go in earlier than originally planned. I'm glad i've sorted mine out as the plan was to have steroids 4th 5th June and CS on 8th but due to early labour symptoms last week I was taken in and have already had the steroids and they had all my notes to refer back to.

weechops Tue 12-May-15 12:19:12

A friend of mine (super mum!) has a 4 year old, 18 month old, 7 month old twins and is 5 months pregnant with another set of twins!

I'm not pg yet but would love twins! Congratulations to you.

Rebecca1608 Tue 12-May-15 12:23:56

There are 7 sets of twins in my OHs family. Including his brother and sister. So my chances were probably quite high. My consultant said my chances of having another set are very likely too. I told her i haven't even thought that far ahead haha!

GuybrushThreepwoodMP Tue 12-May-15 12:26:46

We don't have any twins in my family! Total shock!

Heels99 Tue 12-May-15 12:28:01

Get a student nursery nurse from local college is my biggest tip. My twins are now 8.

GlitzAndGigglesx Tue 12-May-15 12:34:32

I'm an identical twin having non ID twins! 28 weeks and tbh quite sick of it now. The last few days have been nothing but pain but I'm trying to avoid taking too much time off work as it's not paid sad. I have a scan today and seeing the consultant later in the week. I've already put it a request for a c section. My 4yo dd is excited to meet her sisters and is always fascinated seeing them at the scans. I think one of their backs is sticking out right now. My bump is sticking out in 3 separate places right now lol. Feeling really sick today and lots of lower abdominal pain. It'll all be worth it though

Lemiis13 Tue 12-May-15 12:47:31

I'm definitely going to enquire, I've had a few problems with this pregnancy, so I've not really been able to plan much as the consultant has told me to take each week as it comes but I'm getting to the point of wanting to have somthing in place if I do need to have a c-section.
Is anyone else scared?! I'm really really nervous I'm also wondering how it will effect my toddler, will he be ok with it all??

Rebecca1608 Tue 12-May-15 12:49:29

Glitz multi pregnancies are hard work (in my experience anyway) well done you for still working though lol. I finished at 28 weeks even though i'd have liked to stay longer in my job i was constantly on my feet (lab tech) and the SPD was horrendous but it was more the weight gain i struggled with getting breathless i've put on 2 stone which is a lot as i'm naturally slim. My feet started swelling and it's tiring. 1 baby is head down and the other is breech and i'm getting a good kickin. It'll definitely be worth it but the pains are getting a bit much.

Rebecca1608 Tue 12-May-15 12:52:35

I'm really scared Lemiis. I know i don't have a child already but i'm bricking it. I dread to think what i'll be like the night before my section. Just want my girls here quickly and safely but i'm already worrying about routines etc.

GlitzAndGigglesx Tue 12-May-15 12:54:41

Oh gosh Rebecca I feel like packing it all in. Only a couple more weeks to get through and I can relax! Well kind of anyway I'll still have to do the nursery run but I don't mind that. I'm on my feet all day too and constantly worried they'll just drop out of me lol. The last week I've been moping around work feeling sorry for myself but everyone is really understanding. When did one of your babies go head down?

Lemiis13 Tue 12-May-15 13:03:27

Routines are really worrying me, also how will I care for all children if I'm not really mobile after the section?? My consultant is really nice and keeps telling me not to worry but it's hard not to.
Also I had a bit of a scare last week and had an emergency scan with doctor who is never seen before and she said both babies are head down, as I'm only 26 almost 27weeks scared that this means they are going to come pretty soon!

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