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One sided back/pelvic pain

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sportify Mon 11-May-15 19:37:22

Ok, I've just found out I'm pregnant. Totally unexpected!!
I've three already so this was a bit of a shock but that's not why I'm writing the post.
Last week I'd been having period like cramps all week. Dull and constant but nothing major. However it did prompt me to do a preg test which came back positive!
Then the past few days I've had a dull ache in my back which seems to have moved to one side.
Last week I had an awful stomach flu where I was quite violently sick and awful runs (sorry!) but my kids had it too (just sickness) so guessing it was just a stomach bug. It made me feel awful though for days.
I don't have any pregnancy symptoms but never had sickness much with my others either. No breast tenderness or craving or eating madly.
Ng quite sure if anything is going on. I've put the back pain down to a muscle but it's nt going away. Nor is it getting significantly worse. It's just constantly 'there' I can feel it sort of go through to the front. Not sure hw to explain.
I've had no bleeding whatsoever so that is why I've just left it for now.
I don't feel pregnant, but I know also I'm struggling to come to terms with it.

Does this all sound normal?

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